Deleted Scenes

8. The Execution (2:48; 55 shots)
Commodus demonstrates his power by testing Quintus' loyalty and ordering the execution of two Praetorians.

This scene was a follow-up to Commodus' conversation with Lucilla following the reappearance of Maximus.

The scene was originally over five minutes in length. This shortened version was eventually cut because of the slow pacing of the scene.

Shot from behind of six guards escorting two prisoners.

Long shot of the same guards and prisoners from in front to show the size of the Roman buildings around them.

Shot from behind of the escort reaching the execution area.

Closeup of Lucilla watching the proceedings.

Long shot of the escort from over the shoulder of a massive Roman statue.

Shot from behind of Lucilla looking on from a palace balcony. She turns away because she cannot watch. The city of Rome can be seen behind her.

Shot from behind one of the prisoners who bows his head as Commodus approaches him.

"What's your name?"

Closeup of the prisoner as he raises his head to answer Commodus.

Accused #1:
"Julian Crassus."

Shot from behind that rolls from behind the first prisoner to behind the second as Commodus walks over.


Closeup of the second prisoner as he raises his head to answer Commodus.

Accused #2:
"Marcus, Sire."

Closeup of Quintus.

Commodus (off-screen):
"My father's name."

Shot over Quintus' left shoulder as Commodus walks up to him, looks over at the prisoners and back and Quintus.

"They must have known of Maximus' escape..."

Closeup of Quintus with Commodus visible to the left.

"When they found the bodies of the four men."

"They thought it was a barbarian raid. This are good men, Sire, loyal to the Emperor."

Closeup of Commodus. He then turns.

Shot of Commodus and Quintus. Commodus raises his hand to signal for the drawing of bows.

Long shot of Commodus as the archers begin to raise their bows.

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