Deleted Scenes

11. Fighting with Fire (:30; 15 shots)
The Praetorians wreak havoc as they raid Proximo's compound to seize Commodus.

The Praetorians are carrying out retribution against those who have openly opposed Commodus.

Shot of two people sleeping.

Shot of six Praetorians on horseback.

Another shot of the Praetorians on horseback as they throw something down.

Longer shot of the Praetorians throwing something down into a small alcove.

The two people awaken as oil spills around them.

Closeup of them getting up and swiping away at the oil.

Long shot of the last two Praetorians throwing torches into the alcove.

Shot of the alcove bursting into flames as the last horsemen ride by

Long shot of the alcove engulfed in flames around the two men.

Slow mothing closeup of the men trying to get away from the flames.

Proximo is rushing around his bedchamber.


Closeup of his hands as he puts the keys to the gladiators' cages in a bundle.

Praetorians have surrounded Proximo's compound and begin to work on the gates.

"Proximo! Proximo!"

Shot of Proximo turning to look at the Praetorians.

Shot of Proximo's concubine standing at the entrance to his bedchamber.

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