Deleted Scenes

4. Stage Direction (:55; 20 shots)
A frustrated Proximo instructs Maximus to entertain the mob and not kill his opponents so quickly.

Maximus has now become popular with the people and even his fellow gladiators. Proximo tells him that he must entertain in order to keep his popularity.

This scene explains why after whipping the six gladiators in the film, Maximus yells, "Were you not entertained?"

External shot of people arriving on camels at the North African arena.

Closer shot of the North African arena as camels pass by.

Shot of boys running along boards right outside the arena. The shot pans down to reveal the gladiator seated in a wooden cage below. Shot closes in on Maximus from behind.

Closeup of Maximus sharpening a wooden stake. He looks up when he hears tapping on the cage.

Closeup up of Proximo.

"All you do is kill, kill, kill."

Closeup of Maximus looking up at Proximo as Proximo continues speaking.

"Crowd don't want a butcher. They want a hero."

Closeup of Proximo as he continues speaking.

"You want them to keep coming back, so don't just hack them to pieces"

Closeup of Maximus looking straight ahead as Proximo continues speaking.

"Remember you are an entertainer."

Closeup of Proximo, then zooms out to show Maximus standing up. Shot follows Proximo as he begins to walk parallel to Maximus.

Shot of Maximus walking through the cage toward the camera.

Rolling shot of Proximo walking outside the cage.

"So entertain."

Rolling shot (Maximus' perspective) up to the cage doors being opened into the arena where at least four gladiators can be seen waiting for him.

Upward closeup shot of Maximus stepping out into the arena.

Shot (Maximus' perspective) at least five gladiators in the arena taking a step back.

Upward closeup of Maximus standing and looking around as flower petals flutter down around him.

Shot of crowds gathered on the hill overlooking the arena.

Rolling shot of Proximo walking along the edge of the arena to a position where he has a clear view.

Long shot of Maximus bowing his head in acknowledgement of Proximo as the gladiators slowly approach him.

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