Deleted Scenes

6. A Meeting at Gracchus' House (3:54; 38 shots)
Lucilla, Gracchus and Gaius discuss the cost of the games on Rome's future...and what's to be done about Commodus.

The scene explores the politics behind Commodus' rule and how Quintus, who had been Maximus' lieutenant, now holds power with the Praetorians, who are the Emperor's personal guard. The scene takes place before Maximus has arrived in Rome. It also would have been the first scene where Lucilla reveals that she is against her brother, but not openly because of her son. The conspiracy cannot move yet because Commodus has won the support of the populus with his games and has many spies including in the Senate itself.

The scene was removed to increase the pacing of the film. Cutting the scene also allowed Lucilla's loyalties to remain ambiguous longer.

Rolling long shot of four cloaked figures emerging into the dark Roman street and walking toward the camera as torches burn and dogs bark.

Panning side shot of the four cloaked figures walking along the dark street.

Rolling shot of the four cloaked figures arriving at and knocking on Gracchus' door.

Gracchus quickly walks downstairs and across his darkened entranceway to see who is at the door.

Outside shot over the shoulders of the cloaked figures of Graccus peeking out.

Closeup of a cloaked figure barely recognizable as Lucilla.

Outside shot over the shoulders of the cloaked figures of Graccus now opening his door. The shot pans as the figures step back from the door.

Inside Gracchus' entranceway, the door is closed as Graccus greets Lucilla.

"Having servants who are deaf and mute at least ensures I live a little longer."

Inside a room, a servant serves wine to Gracchus as Lucilla begins speaking off-screen.

"They are arresting scholars now."

Shot pans to follow Graccus over to Lucilla. He hands her a drink as she continues speaking.

"Anyone who dares speak out."

Closeup of Lucilla as she takes the wine, sips it and continues speaking.

"Even satirists and chroniclers."

Gaius (off-screen):

Gaius contines as he receives some wine from a servant.

"All to feed the arena. The Senate did not approve martial law."

Lucilla and Gracchus listen attentively as Gaius continues.

Gaius (off-screen):
"This reign of terror is entirely the Praetorians."

Longer shot showing Gaius taking a seat near Lucilla and Graccus.

"I'm afraid to go out after dark."

"The people will be starving in two years. I hope they're enjoying the games because soon enough they will be dead because of them."

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