Deleted Scenes

2. Looking for Strength (:44; 10 shots; no dialogue)
With a monumental decision to make, Marcus prays to his ancestors.

Just as Maximus prays to his ancestors, Marcus is praying to his own for the strength to tell Commodus that he will not be Emperor. This scene would have come right before the 'Four Virtues' scene and Marcus' death.

The scene was removed to increase the pacing of the early portion of the film.

Shot of an altar with three small portraits, one of a woman, and each with a candle burning before it.

Left-side closeup of Marcus raising his head and looking upward.

Shot of three busts of Marcus' ancestors.

Left-side closeup of Marcus lowering his eyes and dropping his head down.

Perspective switches to behind Marcus. The three busts and the altar can be seen over Marcus' shoulder as he is kneeling. He turns to look behind him.

Through the entrance to Marcus' tent as the tent veil sways in and out of the way, Commodus can be seen approaching in the distance.

Marcus walks across the tent to the entrance to his small tent bedchamber.

Jump to a closeup of Marcus stepping into the side chamber in a casual effort to hide as he watches Commodus approach.

From Marcus' perspective looking through a tent veil swaying in the breeze, Commodus enters Marcus' tent, stops inside the entrance and looks around for Marcus. The veil makes him difficult to distinguish.

Perspective switches to the opposite side of the tent. Commodus is clearly seen standing just inside the tent. He approaches a bust of Marcus and stops. Commodus slowly raises his left hand and gently puts it on the bust's right cheek.

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