Deleted Scenes

1. Battle Aftermath (1:13; 8 shots; no dialogue)
Maximus surveys his wounded soldiers at a battlefield hospital following their devastating victory against the Germanian forces.

The scene was originally meant to be in the film before the scene where Maximus is in the officers' mess in a celebratory atmosphere. This scene would emphasis his concern for his men.

Additional footage of gruesome wounds was filmed for this sequence, but left out to shorten the scene. The scene was ultimately cut entirely for time.

Rolling shot of Maximus walking between rows of beds full of wounded men. Some of the men are being attended to. Maximus stops and looks around.

Shot of a doctor fighting to hold down the leg of a wounded soldier, whose foot is gone.

Shot of a fire being tended to which pans over to several more stretchers of wounded men being carried in.

Shot of a bloody arm being roughly bandaged, which pans up to show the patient biting on a strip of wood while grimacing in pain. The camera follows a doctor over to where he's washing his hands off. The doctor looks over at Maximus off screen.

Maximus walks up to the doctor from behind and stands by the wash tub as the doctor continues to wash his off and other activities go on in the background.

Panning shot of another doctor working with a clean bandage.

Shot of another injured soldier being held down as his wounds are tended to.

Switch to Maximus walking around the soldier and looking down at him off screen. Maximus comes around him closer to the fire which is off screen below, but throwing sparks and smoke in front of Maximus. Maximus looks down, sighs, tears nearly coming to his eyes, takes a deep breath, turns and walks back toward the camp tents.

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