Deleted Scenes

7. Father and Son (1:42; 13 shots)
Vexed by the reappearance of Maximus, Commodus takes out his anger by defacing a bust of his father.

This scene would have come just before Commodus tells Lucilla that he is "vexed." It furthers his love-hate relationship with his father, Marcus Aurelius.

Shot of Commodus carrying a torch and walking down a darkened stairway, lined with bust.

Another shot of Commodus as he finishes descending the stairs. The shot pans to follow him as he enters the room and walks over to a bust of Marcus Aurelius.

Shot over the bust's left shoulder of Commodus drawing closer and standing before the statue.


Closeup of the bust from just behind Commodus. Commodus looks to be bowing his head.

Shot up from the floor where Commodus can now be seen reaching down and picking up a sword.

Closeup of Commodus holding the sword.

Shot of Commodus from over the bust's left shoulder. He brings the sword up under the bust's chin and then strikes at the bust's face several times.

Shot of the bust from over Commodus' right shoulder. Commodus continues striking the bust's face.

Shot of Commodus from over the bust's left shoulder. He continues striking the bust's face.

Closeup of Commodus.

Closeup of the bust as Commodus inflicts a deeper cut on its face.

Closeup of Commodus striking at the bust wildly.

Shot of Commodus from over the bust's left shoulder. He strikes the bust's face without control. He stops, drops the sword, puts his left hand behind the bust's head and draws back his right hand in a fist, ready to punch the bust. Instead he embraces the bust and sobs before regaining emotional control.

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