Deleted Scenes

5. Fed to the Lions (:55; 14 shots; no dialogue)
Maximus observes a grim scene as lions are let out into the Coliseum to devour innocent Christians.

This scene would have been Maximus' initiation to the horrors of the Coliseum of Rome as he has just arrived and is exploring the bowels of the Coliseum.

The scene was originally removed because Director Ridley Scott was not happy with how the lion attacked the child. He felt it was too passive. It was also decided to avoid references to the persecution of early Christians because that had been covered in many previous films.

A man labors at turning a huge rope winch in the bowels of the Coliseum as lions can be heard.

Rolling shot that shows lions in cages and more men laboring at turning several rope winchs. We are following Maximus and Juba who can only be seen in shadows.

Closeup of Maximus and Juba walking through the bowels of the Coliseum.

Shot of Maximus walking up looking at the lions.

Shot of lions being released up into the Coliseum.

Shot of Maximus and Juba milling around watching the lions enter the Coliseum.

Shot of the gate being closed behind the lions after they have gone up into the Coliseum.

Maximus climbs up to where he can see into the Coliseum.

Side closeup of Maximus looking out into the Coliseum.

Long shot of Christians kneeling and praying on the Coliseum floor. In the foreground a woman is kneeling and embracing a child in each arm. The child on the left looks over at Maximus.

Front closeup of Maximus looking on in concern.

Closeup on the woman and the children in the foreground. It zooms in on the face of the boy who is blankly looking at Maximus. The boy then looks away.

Shot jumps back to show a lion approach the three, put a paw up and start to pull at them.

Closeup on Maximus looking away as a lion roars. He can't seem to bring his eyes back upon the scene and turns to climb down.

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