Marcus Aurelius
Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Father of Commodus
Father of Lucilla

Portrayed by: Richard Harris

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Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Born: April 26, 121 AD
Became Co-Emperor: 161 AD
Became Emperor: 169 AD
Died: March 17, 180 AD

Emperor Marcus Aurelius is a tired, old man who is looking to secure his legacy. He is known as a philosopher and banned gladiatorial games in the Roman Coliseum, but he has been overseeing military campaigns on the Roman frontiers for fifteen years. He hopes to finally defeat the Germanic tribes on the Roman Empire's Northern frontier. He arrives in time to overlook the final climactic victory of his general and adopted son Maximus.

After the battle Marcus Aurelius tells Maximus that when they return to Rome, he intends to name him as his designated heir. Maximus just wants to return to his farm in Spain, but he agrees that Commodus would make a dangerous Emperor. He then tells Commodus of the news. Commodus is stunned and then enraged. Commodus later comes to his father and pleads for his approval and instead only receives an apology from Marcus Aurelius on how he turned out and so Commodus smothers him.

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