Deleted Scenes

10. Another Enemy (:56; 9 shots; no dialogue)
As she is tested by Commodus, Lucilla realizes that Falco is in league with her brother.

This scene would have come just before the bedroom scene between Lucilla and Commodus. The scene heightens Lucilla's paranoia over whether her brother realizes that she is part of a conspiracy against him.

Lucilla enters the palace main hall and walks past two of Commodus' men/spies.

Closeup of the two men talking as they watch Lucilla pass by.

Shot zooms in to a closeup of Lucilla coming to a halt at the end of the main hall.

Shot of Senator Falco enjoying himself in Commodus' quarters.

Closeup of Lucilla. She turns to look back behind her.

The two men look away from observing Lucilla when she looks at them.

Closeup of Lucilla as she looks back into Commodus' quarters.

A burst of laughter can be heard from Falco and the other men eating from Commodus' table.

Panning shot starts at Commodus' feet and goes up to his face. He is looking at the floor lost in serious thought.

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