Deleted Scenes

3. Dye Market (1:50; 30 shots)
Unsure of his recent acquisitions, Proximo is challenged to bet against his own gladiators.

This scene was to be the prelude to the gladiators' first fight in the North African arena. It establishes that Christians were fed to lions for entertainment and to rile the crowd up for the main event: gladiators. The chatter between Proximo and the other two traders was to establish that he was only one of many traders. Lastly, the walk through the infirmary was to drive home how brutal the combat was.

The scene was removed so that the film would cut right to the action in the arena.

Rolling shot of the open way outside the small North African arena.

Rolling shot approaching and looking upward at the upper tier of the small arena with birds circling overhead.

Juba, Maximus and the other gladiators walk by. Maximus is looking to the grounds outside the arena.

Rolling shot (Maximus' perspective) of a pen full of Christians, including one standing and holding a cross.

Rolling shot (Maximus' perspective) of two children looking back at him from the pen and then the Christians are motioned into a corner by shouting men.

Panning shot of Maximus continuing to watch that pen as he walks on, while a Roman soldier can be seen escorting him. He then looks forward at something.

Shot of two caged lions.

Handlers prod the lions out of the cage. The shot then pans to a table full of vegetables in the foreground. In the background the Christians are being herded into the arena.

Another shot of the Christians being herded into the arena.

Maximus is nearly turned around looking back at the Christians before he finally looks away.

Trader walks up opening his arms in greeting.

Trader #1:
"Hey, Proximo."

The trader and Proximo embrace as old friends.

Shot of Maximus, Juba and the other gladiators walking up while a vulture picks at a body in the foreground.

Side Closeup of a second trader speaking.

Trader #2:
"Still leading with the German, hmm?"

Shot of Hagen looking back as Proximo begins to answer..

Switch back to Proximo and the other two traders.

"The crowd love a barbarian. Besides that, he's made me rich."

Trader #1:
"Has that Numidian fought before?"

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