The Characters

1. Maximus Decimus Meridus - First a general, then a slave, then a gladiator and finally a hero. He is the title character of the film.

2. Commodus - The spoiled son of Marcus Aurelius, who becomes emperor and quickly goes from Maximus' rival to his enemy.

3. Lucilla - Marcus Aurelius' daughter, older sister of Commodus and widowed past lover of Maximus. She tries to play both sides to ensure her and her son's survival.

4. Marcus Aurelius - The aged emperor who has mentored his favorite general, Maximus. His death sets Gladiator's story in motion.

5. Cicero - Maximus' servant who faithfully returns to his master in Rome.

6. Hagan - A German barbarian who has become the star of Proximo's stable of gladiators.

7. Juba - The African slave who becomes a gladiator alongside Maximus.

8. Lucius Veras - Lucilla's son and heir to the Roman Empire.

9. Antonius Proximo - A former gladiator himself and now a slave trader. He buys Maximus and Juba and trains them as gladiators.

10. Quintus - Maximus' second-in-command who becomes the commander of Commodus' Praetorian Guard.

11. Senator Falco - Senator who throws in with Commodus.

12. Senator Gaius - Supporter of Senator Gracchus' pursuit of the restoration of the Roman Republic and shares concerns over Commodus

13. Senator Gracchus - Roman Senator who believes in a strong Roman republic and is alarmed by Commodus' dictatorial actions.

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