Deleted Scenes

9. Spies Close In (1:13; 15 shots)
A suspicious Commodus has ordered that surveillance be kept on potential traitors. Proximo realizes that he is being watched.

Proximo awaits a payment from Gracchus for help in freeing Maximus. As he is about to meet Gracchus' courier, he spots two of Commodus' spies. This scene serves as a good companion to A Meeting at Gracchus' House which explores the conspiracy against Commodus

Long shot of Proximo entering a street-side cafe.

Closeup of Proximo motioning for service and taking a seat.

Closeup of Proximo seated and again motioning for service.

Shot of another man seated at the cafe and intently watching Proximo.

Shot of several stacks of coins on a table, which are being placed in a bag. Zooms out to show a servant filling a bag.

Gracchus (off-screen):
"He'll be waiting for you. Stand at the foot of the Colossus."

Gracchus, who has just given instructions, walks up as the servant finishes and begins to depart.

"He'll find you."

Shot of the foot of the Colossus. Pans down and zooms in to show the servant standing nearby.

Closer shot of the servant with another man intently watching him in the background.

Closeup of Proximo take a drink and looking at the servant.

Shot of the servant looking around a bit anxiously.

Closeup of Proximo. He looks to his right.

Shot of the man seated at the cafe.

Closeup of Proximo. He now realizes that both he and the servant are being watched.

Shot of the man standing the crowd as he continues to watch Gracchus' servant.

Shot of the servant looking around anxiously.

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