Deleted Scenes

3. Dye Market continued
Unsure of his recent acquisitions, Proximo is challenged to bet against his own gladiators.

"Nope. First time."

Shot of Juba as the conversation continues.

Shot of Maximus as the conversation continues.

Trader #2:
"And that one? Laborer? Soldier?"

Switch back to Proximo and the other two traders as the conversation continues.

"He's a Spaniard. He might as well be a eunuch for what he brings to the ring."

Closeup of Trader #2.

Trader #2:
"500 sesterti that the Numidian and Spaniard team makes it through."

Closeup of Proximo as the trader continues.

Trader #2 continues:
"And 1000 if the Numidian makes it through alone."

Closeup of Trader #2 as Proximo begins to answer.

Proximo gives his answer.

"Are you asking me to bet against my own man? It's unethical."

Closeup of Trader #2.

Trader #2:
"What if I make it 2000?"

Shot of the three again with Proximo looking at the merchant, considering his offer.

Shot of the town on the hill as we pan down to look at the arena as crowds cheer.

Rolling shot of wounded men who have already been in the arena with audible moans of agony.

Front perspective shot of Proximo's gladiators led by Maximus walking through the infirmary looking at the wounded men.

Side perspective shot of Proximo's gladiators including Juba looking down at the wounded now off screen as Proximo begins to speak.

"Some of you are thinking you won't fight."

Panning closeup of Proximo walking around, addressing his gladiators.

"And some of you that you can't fight. They all say that...until they're out there."

Proximo looks up as the crowd above can be heard yelling.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

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