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Lord of the Rings Rings & Things: Sting

- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King

Sting was an Elvish dagger that Bilbo found amongst a Troll-hoard during his adventure to the Lonely Mountain. Being an Elvish blade, it glowed blue whenever Orcs were nearby. He christened it "Sting" when he used it to drive off the large spiders of Mirkwood.

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
After Frodo volunteered at the Council of Elrond to take the One Ring to Mt. Doom in Mordor, Bilbo gave him Sting and a mithril mail coat. Frodo drew Sting when the Orcs attacked the Fellowship in Moria.

In The Two Towers:
Frodo puts it to Gollum's throat when they struggled in Emyn Muil. He also drew it on Sam in Osgiliath after Sam prevented him from giving the One Ring to the Nazgûl.

In The Return of the King:
Frodo used Sting to cut through Shelob's webs. He also tried to use Sting to defend himself against her attacks.

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