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Horn of Gondor

Horn of Gondor:
- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
The Horn of Gondor is an heirloom carried by the eldest son of the Steward of Gondor. Boromir blew it as a warning and call for aid at Amon Hen when the Uruk-hai attacked. Boromir then attempted to defend Merry and Pippin from capture. Aragorn arrived too late to save Boromir or the Hobbits. The Horn which was cloven in two was then placed in Boromir's funeral boat.

In The Two Towers:
After Faramir and the Gondorian Rangers of Ithilien captured Frodo and Sam, Faramir could be seen holding the now split Horn of Gondor while he interrogates them. He asked Frodo about his brother. Frodo had last seen Boromir alive, and although they didn't part on good terms, Frodo was saddened by Boromir's fate.

In The Return of the King:
When Gandalf and Pippin went to Gondor and spoke to Denethor. Gandalf was not going to say anything about Boromir's fate, but Denethor was holding the two parts of the horn and Pippin told him what had happened.

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