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Lord of the Rings Races: Wizards
Gandalf Saruman

Wizards that appear in The Lord of the Rings:
- Gandalf
- Saruman

The Wizards were from the order of the Maiar and are more properly called Istari. There were five of them (though only two appear in the films & only three appear in the books) that were sent to Middle Earth early in the Third Age to help fight Sauron.

In The Fellowship of the Ring:
Gandalf came to The Shire for Bilbo's birthday party. He had begun to be suspicious of Bilbo's ring. He insisted that Bilbo leave the ring behind with his nephew Frodo. Gandalf then went to Minas Tirith where he researches in the old libraries. He then returns to The Shire where he tests Bilbo's old ring. It turns out to be the One Ring of Power. Gandalf then warns Frodo to keep it safe and to make plans to leave The Shire and make for Bree. Gandalf then went to Isengard to meet with the head of the order, Saruman the White, It turns out that Saruman has already been corrupted by the temptations of the power of the Ring. When Gandalf refused to cooperate, Saruman imprisoned him on top of the Tower of Orthanc. Gandalf escaped with the help of Gwaihir. He then went to Rivendell and participated in the Council of Elrond. He led the Fellowship into Moria where he fell battling a Balrog. Meanwhile, Saruman began building an army of Uruk-hai.

In The Two Towers:
Gandalf fell with the Balrog and they battled all the way down and then up to the top of Zirakzigil. He defeated the Balrog before dying. He was sent back to finish his task and he was picked up by Gwaihir. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas found him roaming in Fangorn Forest. Then they rode to Edoras to warn the King of Rohan. Meanwhile, Saruman ordered his Uruk-hai to harass the villages of Rohan. In Edoras, Gandalf broke Saruman's spell on King Théoden. Against Gandalf's advice, Théoden then ordered the city to evacuate to Helm's Deep. Gandalf then rode out of Edoras. When Saruman learned of Théoden's orders, he sent his to attack and then later sent his Uruk-hai army to overrun Helm's Deep. Just as they seem poised to do so, Gandalf arrived with Éomer and a force of Rohirrim. The Uruk-hai were then driven into a forest that had just appeared, but none of them escaped the forest. Back at Isengard, the Ents had been roused to action. They had attacked and trapped Saruman in the Tower of Orthanc.

In The Return of the King:
Gandalf rode to Isengard to confront Saruman. He offered to forgive Saruman's trangressions if he'd help them defeat Sauron. Saruman scoffed at him and instead belittled his own spy Gríma Wormtongue, who ended up stabbing him. Saruman then fell from the Tower of Orthanc to his death. Gandalf then returned to Edoras before riding to Minas Tirith with Pippin. When he arrived, he found Denethor uninterested in his news. Later, when Sauron's army laid siege to the city, Denethor lost all hope and ordered the guards to abandon their posts. Gandalf countermanded his order and took over defense of the city. Gandalf faced the Witchking, which left him fatigued. He then joined Aragorn at the Black Gate of Mordor. He then rode with the Eagles to Mt Doom where they saved Frodo and Sam. Later, he returned to The Shire and then sailed from the Grey Havens for the Undying Lands, departing from Middle Earth.

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