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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 2 [14:50-24:30]:
Jin is preparing the shell fish. Sun reaches for one and Jin slaps her hand. He finishes up and takes the tray. Jin watches him walk away and unbuttons the top button of her blouse. Jin walks up to Hurley, speaks to him in Korean and points to the food. Hurley tells him that he's hungry, but not hungry enough to eat raw fish. Walt is reaching a comic book which has a polar bear and superheroes. Michael sits next to him and points out that it has Spanish text and asks if Walt reads Spanish. Walt tells him that he doesn't and that he found it. Michael searches for something to say. He then tells Walt that when they get home, he'll get another dog. Walt looks up at him for a moment and then walks off. Michael watches him walk away then hangs his head.

On the edge of the beach up away from the main camp, Charlie takes out his stash in a hurried fashion. Near the main fuselage, Jack stops Hurley. He needs Hurley's help with going through the luggage and gathering all prescription drugs, especially antibiotics. As Jack walks off, Hurley asks him what it's for, but gets no answer. Back to Charlie, who has obviously gotten his fix and is enjoying the euphoria.

Shannon is sitting, huddled and teary eyed, on the beach as Boone walks up. He sits next to her and after a moment asks her what she's doing. She just quietly cries. She then says that she was mean to the man at the gate that wouldn't let them have their first class seats, but that he had saved their lives. Boone tells her that she should help clear the wreckage and stop being worthless. They argue and then she looks over at Sayid and tells him that she is going with them on the hike. He tells her 'no', but she runs off.

Shannon runs up behind Sayid and Kate and says she'd like to go with them. Boone walks up and says she not going because she makes bad decisions just to upset her family. She tells him to shut up and again turns to them and says she's going. Sayid, looking bemused, says nothing, but Kate voices concern. Shannon blows her off and then asks Charlie, who has just walked up, if he's going. He says he is and asks if she is, which she answers in the affirmative. Kate says that everyone can come, but they are leaving now as she and Sayid, who is shaking his head, begin walking off. Shannon goes after them, while Charlie comments that Kate is actually nice.

Sawyer is sitting on a piece of debris, smoking a cigarette. He pulls out a letter and reads it, which has a sobering affect on him. He looks over and sees Kate, Sayid, Shannon, Boone and Charlie setting out on their hike. He glances again at the letter, then looks around. Sawyer walks up through the group, taking the lead, as Kate comments on his joining them. The group climbs up a steep hillside. Sayid can be seen making an effort to help Shannon , while Sawyer gives Kate a hand.

Back at the crash site, Michael is still sitting where Walt left him. Jack can be seen in the background going through luggage. Michael asks what he's looking for. Jack tells him "some sort of blade" and then asks about Walt. Michael thinks he'll be fine and is more worried about his dog. Jack asks him if it was a lab. Michael nods. Jack tells Michael that he saw the dog the day before in the nearby forest and that he looked fine. Jack then finds the blade he was looking for.

Locke is sitting cross-legged on the beach with a game of backgammon set out. Walt is walking nearby with Vincent's leash. Walt asks Locke if it's like checkers. Locke answers that it's better than checkers. Walt makes his way over. Locke asks him if he plays checkers with his father. Walt answers that he doesn't and then explains that he lives in Australia with his mother. Locke observes that he doesn't have an accent. Walt tells him that they move a lot. He then tells Locke that his mother got sick and died "a couple weeks ago." Locke comments that Walt's having a bad month. Walt then comes around and sits opposite of Locke. Locke tells him that backgammon is the oldest game in the world, 5,000 years old. Walt asks him about the dice and Locke answers that they had to use bones. He explains that the game has two players, one light and one dark. He then asks Walt if he'd like to know a secret.

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