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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 [10:00-20:00]:
As Jack kneels there and gathers himself, Kate comes strolling out of the brush, rubbing her wrist. He asks her if she's ever used a needle. The question catches her off-guard. He asks her if she has ever patched jeans. She gathers herself for a moment, then answers that she made the drapes for her apartment. He says that's great and he needs her help. She asks "with what?" He shows her the gash, which takes her breath away. He says he's a doctor, but he can't reach it. She then agrees. He hands her the bottle of vodka: for her hands. He hands her the sewing kit. She asks him what color he would prefer and he just goes with black. He then pours some of the vodka over the wound.

Sawyer takes out a cigarette and lights it. He walks over and stands by the fuselage for a moment then throws the cigarette down and walks off as the sun sets. Claire is standing on the beach with her feet in the surf, rubbing her stomach. Hurley is gathering the airline food. Locke is sitting on the beach. Boone gets an error tone on his cell phone, and then redials as Claire is walking up the beach. Boone passes Sayid building a fire. Sayid walks around the bonfire to find Charlie sitting there. He asks Charlie his name and tells him that they need help with the fire. Charlie then asks Sayid his name and says "he's on it." The camera pans to reveal Rose sitting down, kissing a ring on her necklace.

Kate is sewing Jack up. She warns Jack that she might throw up. He tells her that she's doing fine. She says that he doesn't seem afraid. He tells her that when he was a resident, his first surgery was a spinal surgery on a sixteen year old girl. He had completed thirteen hours of surgery when he accidentally ripped open the base of her spine, causing nerves ("like angel hair pasta") and spinal fluid to spill out. He says that the terror was overwhelming, so he decided to let the fear in for five seconds. After that, the terror was gone, he sewed the girl up and she was fine. Kate answers that if it had been her, she would have "run for the door." Jack doesn't believe her, pointing out that she isn't running now.

By the bonfire, Charlie is scrawling F-A-T-E in black marker on tape wrapped around each of the fingers of his left hand. Sayid is sitting next to him and comments that "you'd think they would have come by now." Charlie asks, "Who?" Sayid replies, "Anyone." Charlie thinks for a moment then goes back to marking his fingers. Shannon is painting her toenails when Boone sits next to her and holds out a candy bar. Shannon turns it down. Boone says that they may be there a while. Shannon says that the airplane had a black box and "they" know exactly where the survivors are. Boone holds out the candy bar again and Shannon says "I'll eat on the rescue boat." Boone then eats it.

Claire is sitting by a fire when Hurley walks up. He asks her if she's hungry, gives her some food, asks her if she's had any more contractions. She says she's ok and he gets up. He then hands her a second tray of food. Michael is asking Walt if he's warm enough. Walt simply nods. In Korean (with English subtitles) Jin is instructing Sun that she must not leave his sight and must follow him. He tells her that they will look after themselves. Kate watches as Jack checking a survivor who has shrapnel protruding from his side. Kate asks if the man will live. Jack asks if she knows him and she answers that he was sitting next to her.

Jack has cut a leaf into the shape of an airplane and describes how he thinks the plane was cruising at 40,000 feet, hit an air pocket, dropped 200 feet and then he blacked out. Kate is sitting by the fire, listening to him. She tells him that she didn't black out, that the tail had broken away, then the front end. Jack points out that neither are on the beach and that they need to figure out which way "they came in," so they can hopefully find the cockpit and the transceiver. Kate asks him how he knows about the transceiver and he says that he took "a couple flying lessons." Kate tells him that she saw smoke in the valley. As he ponders this, she tells him that if he's going looking, then she's going with him. He squirms a bit and then says that he doesn't know her name and they finally introduce themselves to each other.

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