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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 [20:00-26:30]:
Jack and Kate's moment is interrupted by some noise from the jungle, an apparently large creature tearing through the jungle. Locke turns to look. Walt sits up. Shannon asks Boone, "What was that?" Jack and Kate get up. Sayid gets up followed by Charlie. Walt asks if it's Vincent and gets up. Michael answers that it's not and follows him. Rose is seen watching trees fall as Claire comes up and asks if anyone saw "that," to which Hurley answers "Yeah" after a dramatic pause. Boone gets up and Shannon calls after him. Kate and Jack walk up past some nameless survivors as some short of howl can be heard. Most of our main characters (Walt, Michael, Locke, Boone, Shannon , Sawyer, Claire, Charlie, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Jack and Kate) gather at the edge of camp, watching as trees near the edge of the forest are knocked down as something big can be heard. As the sound trails off back into the forest, Charlie sums it up for everyone with a downcast "terrific."

Flashback to the flight as Jack looks out the window over the left wing. A flight attendant comes by and asks him about his drink. He gives a weak answer, which she points out. He replies that "it's not a very strong drink." She looks at her cart, hands him two small bottles of Vodka and tells him not to tell anyone. He makes an attempt a joke about breaking FAA regulations to which she smiles and walks off. He puts one bottle in his pocket. He opens the other, pours it over his ice and downs it. The Fasten Seat Belt light goes off and Jack gets up. Before he steps into the aisle, Charlie goes dashing by. Rose, who is sitting across the aisle from Jack, comments that "he really had to go." Jack steadies himself and then steps back as the same female flight attendant can be heard calling after Charlie. She hurries by followed by two male crew members. Charlie sits in the aisle sit just as some turbulence hits the plane. The cabin shakes and Locke can be seen sitting directly behind Rose. A flight attendant notifies the passengers that the Fasten Seat Sign has been turned back on by the pilot.

Jack notices that Rose has begun to look nervous and says that the turbulence is normal. Rose says she knows but she always been a terrible flier. She says her husband, as she glances back toward the tail, reminds her that airplanes want to be in the air. Jack says he sounds smart and she says Jack can tell him when he gets back from the bathroom. Another round of turbulence hits and now the airplane's fuselage can be heard groaning. Jack then tells Rose that he'll keep her company until her husband gets back. As Jack is trying to reassure her, the plane makes a sudden drop which sends a passenger (who apparently didn't put his seat belt back on) bouncing off the ceiling. The airplane is apparently in a deep decent and the oxygen masks drop down. Jack and Rose get their masks on.

Back on the island, it is daylight again and Jack is looking out into the ocean. The others are discussing what it might have been. Michael thought it sort of sounded like an animal, while Rose says it sounded familiar which prompts Shannon to ask her where she is from. She answers The Bronx. The conversation drops to a din although Hurley can be heard saying that "technically, we don't even know if we're on an island." Kate walks up and asks Jack if he's ready. He turns and says that she told him where the smoke was. She cuts him off and says that she's going. He tells her that she'll need better shoes, so she claims some from one of the dead. As she does so, we can see the knuckles on her left hand are all raw. After she's done, she looks over and sees Locke is watching. With the cut extending over his left eye down to his cheek and a mouth full of fruit, the smile he gives her is creepy. She looks repulsed, both by him and what she's just done.

Michael is still talking about the noise from last night, saying that it wasn't natural. Charlie asks if anyone has sun block, which Shannon answers in the affirmative. Hurley comes up and suggests that should be done about the grim scene in the fuselage, trying to spell it out (B-O-D-Y-S) because of Walt. Michael says it out loud and Walt corrects the spelling. Sayid thinks it's a good idea. Shannon says "no, they'll deal with it when they get here." Jack walks up, kneels next to Boone and says he's going to look for the cockpit and the transceiver. He turns to Boone and says they'll have to keep an eye on the wounded and not to let the guy with the shrapnel in him take it out if he wakes up. Boone asks about the guy with the leg, but Jack says not to worry about him. Charlie volunteers to go along with Jack, who tries to dissuade him before giving in.

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