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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 Brief from the start of Part 2:
Jack tells Rose that the turbulence is normal and then the airplane starts rapidly descending.

Jack walks through the debris.

Shannon is screaming.

Claire says she's having contractions and then Jack tells her that she'll be okay followed by the turbine exploding behind him.

Jack, Hurley and Claire run as the wing falls and explodes.

Jack looks up at the intact wing (before it exploded).

Jack asks Kate for help with his gash as Kate cringes. Jack tells her he's a doctor, but he can't reach it and she asks if he wants her to sew it up. A shot of Jack standing alone is inserted with Kate's voiceover. Kate observes that he doesn't seem afraid while she sews him up.

Next is a series of shots: sunset, Claire standing alone rubbing her stomach, Locke facing upward at the rain with eyes closed and arms out, Kate's look after taking the shoes and Sawyer standing by the fuselage.

Shannon tells Boone that "they" know exactly where they are and they're coming.

Boone tries his cell phone.

Jack smiles at Kate. Kate smiles at Jack.

Sayid tells Charlie that "they" should have come by now.

Claire asks if anyone saw "that." Shot of the unseen creature knocking down trees with Rose watching in the foreground. More creature sounds as the shot that tightens in on Jack and Kate. More creature sounds as Locke turns to look.

Jack says that he's going to look for the cockpit and the transceiver. Jack tells Kate that she showed him where the smoke was, but she tells him that she's coming with him.

Next are shots of Jack, Kate and Charlie hiking. Charlie points out about the sudden weather changes.

Jack, Kate and Charlie walk up to the front of the airplane which is wedged against a tree. The three of them climb up toward the cockpit. The pilot comes awake and Jack and Kate react with surprise. The pilot coughs and tells them that they were a thousand miles off course. Jack looks at Kate as the pilot tells them that they are looking for the airplane in the wrong place.

Charlie surprises Kate by coming out of the lavatory behind her. She asks him why he was in there, but before he can answer they hear the creature. The pilot asks what it was. The shadow passes by the window. The pilot gets yanked completely out of the cockpit. Charlie asks what just happened.

Charlie, Jack and Kate running and screaming (edited together out of sequence).

Charlie asks how "that" can happen as he points up. We then see the pilot's bloody body high in the tree above.

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