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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 2 [8:00-14:50]:
In the camp on the beach, Sayid and Sawyer are fighting, while everyone watches. Michael is telling them to stop. Sayid gets in a good kidney punch. Doubled over from the blow, Sawyer throws a handful of sand in Sayid's eyes, jumps on top of him and starts slugging. Jack, Kate and Charlie are just getting back from their hike. When he notices the fight, Jack immediately jumps in and pulls Sawyer off of Sayid. Michael grabs Sayid. Sayid starts yelling at Sawyer. Sawyer had apparently accused Sayid of being responsible for crashing the airplane, since he's of Middle Easter descent.

Jack wants to know what's going on. Michael hands him the cuffs, telling him that Walt just found them. Sawyer then says that Sayid was sitting in the last row of business class with his hands under a blanket and that the passenger sitting next to Sayid didn't make it. Sawyer also adds that he noticed that security pulled Sayid out of line before they boarded. Sawyer and Sayid continue to struggle to get free of Jack and Michael when Kate yells for them to stop.

As Sayid and Sawyer finally calm down, Kate announces that they found the transceiver, but it's not working. She solicits help in repairing it. Sayid says he might be able to help. Sawyer immediately voices his distrust of Sayid undertaking the task. Hurley chimes in that they "are all in this together, man. Let's treat each other with a little respect." Sawyer's snaps "shut up, lardo." Jack tells him to back off. Sawyer retorts with "Whatever you say, Doc. You're the hero." He then stomps off.

Boone walks over and asks Jack if they found the cockpit to which Jack nods. Boone then asks if there were any survivors. Jack answers that there were none. Sayid then reports that the transceiver is dual band, military spec. Its batteries are probably still good, but the radio is dead. Kate asks if he can fix it. He says he needs some time. Rose then suggests that Jack check on the man with the shrapnel.

Sayid is taking the transceiver apart as Hurley comes along and sits nearby. Hurley rips Sawyer. Sayid simply says that "some people have problems." Hurley comments that they all have a problem. Hurley then tells Sayid that he's "okay" and Sayid responds in kind. Hurley laughs, introduces himself and holds out his hand for a moment until he realizes that Sayid's hands are full. Sayid frees his right hand, holds it out and introduces himself. They shake hands and Sayid goes back to work. Hurley asks how he knows electronics. Sayid explains that he was a military communications officer. Hurley asks if he ever saw action and Sayid replies that he was in the Gulf War. Hurley says he has a friend who served in the 104 th Airborne. He then asks Sayid what branch he was in. Sayid replies that he was in the [Iraqi] Republican Guard. Hurley is left speechless.

Kate is standing in the surf and washing off, having stipped down to her underwear. She appears to be deep in though. Sun comes along, talks to her in Korean and points back up the beach. Kate nods in acknowledgement. Kate walks out of the fuselage wearing a new set of clothes and runs into Sayid, who reports that the radio seems to be working, but is not picking up a signal. Kate points out that they want to send, not receive. Sayid explains if they aren't receiving, then they don't know if they can send a signal that would be picked up. Broadcasting blindly could just waste the batteries, which may not last long. He then suggests they might pick up a signal from higher ground.

Jack is checking on the man with the shrapnel. Kate is watching and asks Jack if there's anything he can do for the man. Jack says that he could pull out the shrapnel. Kate points out that yesterday he had wanted to avoid that. Jack answers that he had hoped that the man would be at a hospital by now. Now, he has to do something because otherwise the man will die within twenty-four hours. Jack says that the man might make it if he can open him up, control the bleeding, keep him from going into the sepsis and find some antibiotics.

Kate walks closer and tells Jack that she's going on a hike. She tells him that Sayid has fixed the transceiver but has been unable to use it from the beach. Jack interrupts her, shaking his head. She reminds him that he was the one that said they needed to send a signal. Jack reminds her about what happened to the pilot and she questions why he would think that they were any safer on the beach than in the jungle. He then asks her to wait for him to finish with the man. She replies that Sayid wasn't sure how long the battery would last. Jack knows he can't change her mind so he tells her to run if she hears anything at all.

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