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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 2 [24:30-31:30]:
Claire is writing in her diary when Jin comes along and offers her some of his catch. She tries to turn him down, but he insists. She takes one and eats it. Almost immediately, her baby starts kicking. She is so excited that she grabs Jin's hand so he can feel her stomach and the baby kicking. Jin finally pulls his hand away and walks off. In a area wooded with palm trees, Sawyer suggests that Sayid try the transceiver. Sayid says there will be no reception. Sawyer wants him to try it anyway, but Sayid doesn't want to waste the batteries.

As the argument between Sawyer and Sayid gets more heated, they suddenly hear a creature. As it closes on them, everyone runs except Sawyer. He pulls out a gun and starts firing. He manages to take down the creature. The bear is still groaning as the rest of the group returns. Boone asks if the bear could have killed the pilot. Charlie says that it's much too small. Kate walks a little closer and points out that it's a polar bear.

Jack has a stock of supplies gathered around the man with the shrapnel. He has enlisted Hurley's help. Hurley asks Jack how he knows that the man won't wake up when he pulls the shrapnel out. Jack tells him that he doesn't know. As Jack sterilizes the razor with a lighter, Hurley makes sure that he's not awake. Hurley asks what he's supposed to do. Jack tells him that he needs to hold the man down if he wakes up due to the pain. As Hurley moves around to hold the man's shoulders down, he tells Jack that he's not good around blood. Jack tells him to not look and do the best he can.

Jack takes hold of the shrapnel. As Hurley looks away, Jack yanks it out. Jack starts to cover the now open wound with towels. He then asks Hurley to hand him the strips he's prepped for bandaging. Hurley says he doesn't think he can and then faints. Out in the woods, Boone says that it can't be a polar. Everyone else says it is. It is pointed out that polar bears don't live that close to the equator. Sawyer points out that it's dead now.

Kate asks where Sawyer's gun came from. He says he found it on one of the bodies. The group doubts him, but he says he grabbed it from the ankle holster of the marshal because it might come in handy and it did: he killed a bear with it. Kate asks him how he knows that he's a marshal. Sawyer answers that he had a clip-on badge, which he took as well. Sayid then accuses him of being the prisoner who was wearing the cuffs found by Walt since Sawyer knew about the marshal and the gun.

Sawyer starts going on about everyone accusing everyone of something, when Kate suddenly grabs the gun from his pants pocket. She then asks if anyone knows how to use a gun. Sayid instructs her how to remove the magazine and the bullet in the chamber. She then gives him the clip and returns the empty gun to Sawyer. He grabs her and he says he's been with girls like her. She says "not exactly like me" and pulls away. She walks a few steps away from the group to gather herself.

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