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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 2 [31:30-39:30]:
Flashback to the flight as the flight attendant asks Kate if she wants anything. Kate says she's fine. The attendant then asks the marshal the same thing. He coldly answers that he wants black coffee and the attendant leaves. He then comments that Kate looks worried and says that maybe they'll believe her story like he did. She says that she doesn't care what he believes. He asks her if she wants some more juice. She answers and then leans over to take a drink which gives the reveal that she was the one in the cuffs. Kate puts the cup back down as the marshal smirks. The airplane hits the first bit of turbulence. The fasten seat belts sign comes on, followed by the announcement by the flight attendant.

Kate then asks for one favor, which the marshal finds interesting. Before she can ask, they hit the second round of turbulence followed by the rapid descent. A piece of luggage flies out of the overhead compartment and hits the marshal on the head. He reaches for his head and then slumps over. The oxygen masks come down, but Kate is unable to grab hers because of the restraints. Kate digs through the marshal's pockets until she finds the keys. She frees one hand from the restraints and put on her oxygen mask. She looks over the unconscious marshal and then puts his on him. They are sitting only a couple of rows forward from where the tail section breaks off. Kate is still conscious as the airplane continues downward.

Back on the island, Sayid walks up to Kate and tells her that they should keep moving. She nods and turns to follow him. Jack is working to close the marshal's wound when he regains consciousness. He grabs Jack's shirt collar and asks "where is she?" Back to Kate and the others on the hike. Sayid takes out the transceiver, which prompts a comment from Sawyer. Sayid then picks up a signal. He attempts to send a Mayday, when he's hit with feedback. When asked what could cause it, Sayid isn't sure. Sawyer then accuses Sayid of not fixing the transceiver.

Sayid disagrees and says the transceiver is not broken. He realizes that they can't transmit because something else is already transmitting nearby. Sayid locates the correct frequency and a Frenchwoman can be heard. Charlie and then Sayid get excited, believing that it's a rescue party. Kate wants to know what its saying. Sayid then asks if anyone speaks French and Boone volunteers that Shannon does. Shannon denies it, but Boone says she lived there a year ago.

The transmission then announces in English "iteration 17294531." Sayid then groans because the transceiver's batteries are dying. Kate wants to know how much time they have and Sayid answers not much time at all. After iteration 17294532, Shannon begins to listen. After iteration 17294533, Shannon says that the message is saying, "Please, please help me." Sawyer then questions whether she can really speak French.

On iteration 17294534, Shannon puts the transceiver to her ear and translates, "I'm alone on the island. Please come. The others are dead. It killed them all." The transceiver then dies. Boone tells her that she did well. "16 years and 5 months," Sayid calculates that the distress call has been playing. Boone asks if someone else was stranded on the island. Kate suggests that they came for them already. Sawyer points out that the transmission wouldn't still be playing. Charlie then asks, "Guys, where are we?"

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