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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 [35:00-41:30]:
Charlie bursts out of the lavatory next to her and she asks him why he was in the bathroom. Before he can answer, they hear the creature moving closer. The pilot asks about the noise. Jack quietly calls Kate who climbs back into the cockpit into Jack's arms. The noise continues. Kate whispers that it's right outside and then she moves away from Jack to the other side of the cockpit. The pilot begins to talk, but Jack shushes him. A shadow passes by the window. Jack moves to co-pilot's seat to get a closer look, but nothing can be made out as rainwater runs across the windows. The pilot manages to get up and moves to the back of the cockpit. Kate immediately looks around his seat again while his attention is elsewhere. She moves back as he turns back to his seat.

The pilot comes back across the cockpit to his seat as Kate watches him warily. He leans over to look out the window, puts down the transceiver and apparently begins to climb out. Suddenly, he is yanked part way out the window. Kate begins to scream as he starts to struggle. He almost drops back into the cockpit and then is pulled away completely as the echoing howl-like sound is heard. The cockpit window is then sprayed with blood. Charlie asks what just happened and then the cockpit begins to shake. Jack attempts to grab at the transceiver, but it falls out of reach before he can. The airplane falls out of the tree flat on the ground.

As Kate and Charlie tell him to go, Jack takes the time to reach and grab the transceiver. The three of them then run out of the open end of the airplane into the wet forest as the creature follows. Kate is first followed by Jack and then Charlie. Charlie trips and gets his leg tangled in a vine. He calls out for help. Jack stops, sees Kate keep on going without looking back and then he heads back to Charlie. He frees Charlie's leg and tells him to run. Kate reaches the bamboo section of the forest and finally stops. She calls for Jack and begins crying as the rain falls. After a few moments of terrors, she begins counting to five.

Kate begins to calm down when she hears a noise behind her. She looks around and then turns back again to find Charlie right behind her. She screams and they fall down with her on top. She asks him about Jack. Charlie says he helped him up and then they got separated. Charlie says the creature was right there, but he didn't see it. The rain suddenly stops and Kate's demeanor changes from fear to resolve. She says they have to go back for Jack. Charlie says it's big and she replies that he can stay. She gets up and heads back. Charlie lays there for a moment and then calls her as he starts to get up.

Kate and Charlie slowly walk back through the forest looking for Jack. He points out that he heard her shout for Jack and reminds her that his name is Charlie. She stops as she spots something on the ground. She reaches down and picks up pilot's wings. She then sees a reflection in the water puddle and looks up. Charlie wonders what it is and we hear Jack answer that it's the pilot. Kate turns to see him walking out of some nearby bushes. She steps forward and looks as if she's going to hug him before she stops herself. She asks him if he saw it. Jack answers that he didn't even though it was right behind him when he dove into the bushes. Charlie asks how "that" can happen as he points up. We then see the pilot's bloody body high in the tree above. <end>

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