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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 1 [26:30-35:00]:
Charlie, Jack and Kate are hiking when Kate says she has something to ask Charlie. He says that he's been waiting. She then asks if they've met before. He says 'no', but asks if he looks familiar to her. He starts singing "You all everybody," and asks Kate if she's heard of it. She says she has and he says "that's us, Driveshaft" He points to his ring, which apparently is from the second tour of Finland as they come to a stop. Kate is surprised and then says her friend, Beth loves Driveshaft. Jack comes back to the two of them and seems unimpressed when Kate mentions Driveshaft and Charlie sings again. He reminds them that they need to keep moving. Kate tells Charlie that they were good. He replies that "we were. still are good." As they continue walking, Charlie says that the band is in the middle of a comeback. Vincent the dog is in the brush watching them pass.

Locke is sitting on the beach alone as dusk is coming on. Jack, Kate and Charlie are walking through the fauna as it begins to rain. Charlie comments on the dramatic changes in weather. Locke just sits as it rains and everyone else runs for cover. Another survivor tries to get out shelter with Jin and Sun, but he shoos him away. Michael and others get under a raft. Shannon and Boone run for the fuselage. Hurley, going the other way, comments about there being too many bodies there. Michael and Walt stand under the raft watching the rain. Locke continues to sit on the beach, enjoying the rain on his face. The monster goes by the end of the forest again. Claire goes to look out from the edge of her shelter with Rose behind her.

Jack, Kate and Charlie walk through the forest and we see that they have found the front of the plane with the cockpit wedged high up against a tree. They pause for a moment and then Jack leads the way. <break> The three of them enter the fuselage and find there are bodies. Charlie voices the urge to quickly get the transceiver and leave. They start climbing up the aisle, bracing on seats as they goes. Jack walks while Kate and Charlie crawl on their knees. Jack reaches the cockpit door first and finds it locked. He looks around, grabs a small fire extinguisher and begins hitting the door knob with it.

The door suddenly bursts open and a body (the co-pilot?) falls past the three of them, which shakes them all up. Jack asks Kate if she's okay, she nods and asks him the same. They begin to head into the cockpit as Charlie tells them both that he's okay. Jack helps Kate in first then he goes in. Kate asks Jack what a transceiver would look like and he says like a complicated walkie-talkie. They move around the cockpit looking for it. Kate is leaning over the pilot when he suddenly comes awake, breathing heavily.

Surprised, Kate moves back while Jack leans over to check on the pilot. He asks Kate for some water, which she hands to him. Jack gives the pilot some water, most of which he coughs up. The pilot immediately asks how many survived. Jack answers, "at least forty-eight." He then asks the pilot if he has any broken bones. The pilot shakes his head and says he's just dizzy. Jack checks his eyes and guesses a probable concussion. The pilot then asks how long to which Jack answers, "sixteen hours." The pilot then asks about rescuers, which they of course answer negative.

The pilot then tells them that six hours into the flight the radio went out and they went off radar. They turned back for Fiji and were a thousand miles off course when they hit turbulence, so any search parties are looking in the wrong place. As that news sinks into Jack and Kate, the pilot then remembers the transceiver. He directs Kate to it, then takes it and begins working with it. Jack wonders where Charlie is. Kate heads out of the cockpit to find out as the pilot mutters that the transceiver isn't working. Kate looks around and then calls for Charlie.

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