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Pilot Episode Recap

Part 2 [-8:00]:
The sun is out again as Jack, Charlie and Kate walk through the forest. Jack is trying to get the transceiver to work. Charlie asks if he's gotten anything. Jack says that he keeping asking that. Charlie reminds him that the pilot had said no one would find them unless they get the transceiver working, thus he's desperate and asks again. Jack finally answers nothing. Kate asks Charlie what he was doing in the bathroom. He tells her that he was getting sick. He calls himself a coward and she tells him that he's no coward.

Flashback to the flight as Charlie is nervously tapping his ring on his armrest and looking miserable. A flight attendant (the same one who spoke to Jack) asks if he's okay. He nods. She offers to get him some water, but he quickly replies that he's fine. She lingers for a bit longer before working off. He goes back to nervously tapping. He looks back and she is speaking with two male crewmen near the tail of the airplane. After more tapping, he looks back again and sees the flight attendant and other two begin to come forward.

Charlie quickly unbuckles his seat belt and begins walking toward the front of the airplane as well. We can see he was sitting in the back of business class. He bumps Jack and then tries the two lavatories between business and coach, but they are locked. He heads into first class, crossing in front of Boone and Shannon to the left aisle of the airplane. The plane hits turbulence and the pilot turns the Fasten Seat Belts sign on. The female flight attendant stops to announce this, as Charlie makes his way to the most forward lavatories, one of which is empty.

Charlie goes in the lavatory, locks the door and takes off his shoe where he has a stash of heroin. Just then, one of the male crewmen knocks on the door. Charlie delays as he unwraps his stash and takes a hit. The crewman orders him out and Charlie drops the stash into the toilet and is about to flush it when the plane drops, slamming him into the ceiling. He crawls out door and dodges a service carts that comes rolling down the aisle at him. He manages to reach a seat, buckle in and put on an oxygen mask.

Shannon is on the beach in a bikini tanning herself. Boone walks up and tells her that they are sorting through clothes. He observes that she found her bag and asks if she will help. She declines, telling him that it's a waste of time since "they" are coming. Claire asks her if Boone is her boyfriend. Shannon tells her that he's her brother. Claire then makes a comment about her figure. Shannon turns over to tan her back and asks if she knows what the baby is and Claire says that she doesn't. She then tells Shannon that she hasn't felt her baby move since the day before. Shannon has nothing to say.

Jin is collecting shell fish as Sun stands on the beach watching him. Michael walks up and asks Sun if she's seen Walt. She attempts to answer him in Korean. Jin, who has been watching tells Sun something, and she buttons the top button of her blouse in response. Michael gets the message. He apologizes to her, walks away and begins calling for Walt. Walt is in the bamboo forest not far from the beach. He is carrying Vincent's leash and calling him. He finds a set of handcuffs as Michael runs up. Michael fusses at him for not staying on the beach. Walt argues that since he isn't far from the beach, he thought it was okay. Michael tells him to listen. He then notices the handcuffs. As he takes them, Walt says he had just found them. Michael looks around, worriedly, and pulls Walt close.

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