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3/10/07: The following comes from "mandigirl," who on the Monday following the airing of Maelstrom, made a series of posts on the Television Without Pity Battlestar Galactica spoiler forum claiming to have seen a media screener of the final episode. Below is the text of the original posts, most of which have since been removed under the pretext that she began to feel guilty about spoiling the finale for others.

Mandigirl: Aghh!! So crazy right now!! We find out in the final episode that Chief, Tori, Anders and Tigh are Cylons! Can it be true?!? I can't believe that! Esp. Tigh This show is killing me. Half of me wants them to be Cylons because ooo, what great storylines. The other half likes these characters and just can't believe they're Cylons. Maybe, as some people in the regular posts have hypothesized, the FF aren't really Cylons which would put the whole Cylon religion on its ear. I have to hope... anyone else hear this spoiler? I'm like 98% sure that its true.


Mandigirl: I watched it last night and just kind of stared at the screen for about 20 minutes after it was done. And I had no one to talk to because all my friends hate spoilers! So I would be more than happy to dish. All four of them start to hear music that only they can hear. They say that its like a snatch of a song heard in childhood but just as you start to get a handle on it, it disappears. Tori, Tigh and Anders basically can't sleep because they keep on hearing it. Tigh tells Adama about it who's basically like 'I'll look into it' but Tigh is acting so unhinged that no one else takes any notice. In about the last fifteen minutes all four of them leave what they're doing on different places on the ship and come to this abandoned room where they basically flip out. Unsurprisingly, Anders and Tigh are fracking angry after all the crap they've been through: Tigh mentions that he's been in wars and fought in the service for over two decades and Anders is all like ' I watched all my friends die on Caprica for this ?'while the Chief is more resigned and Tori's just freaked out. The Chief's the one who says finally after the flip-out session 'We're Cylons. And we've been from the start.' That's why I'm not quite sure if I believe it. The Chief always secretly believed he was a Cylon anyway and there must be other explanations for this quasi- shared reality (though right now I can't think of any). They seem to think its a switch. But you know, I may just be in denial. I abs. love Anders and while I can believe it, I just don't want to. The implications for the show-- esp. with Tigh , Tori and the Chief-- are enormous.

Sorry forgot one thing-- yes Starbuck is alive. She comes back in the last 2 minutes and says that she knows the way to Earth and that she's taking the Fleet there.


Mandigirl: Starbuck didn't return in a blaze of light or anything like that. In fact she was in what appeared to her raptor or at the very least a raptor. She seemed... happy I guess. More lighthearted than the old Starbuck. But that's just my opinion because she spoke for all of two minutes so I don't know how its going to play out next season. At least she wasn't in a flowing gown with harp music or something like that (thank goodness!!). I was worried about that. I'm also very interested to know how the heck she's still alive and how she got back.


Mandigirl: I'm kind of confused about the whole Opera House thing. Apparently its some kind of shared reality between the Prez, Caprica Six and Athena. Its really weird. I don't know what to think about that. But I can tell you this: Roslin is in the Opera House on the top floor and she sees Hera running down this corridor on the first floor. Roslin starts to run to the staircase that leads to the first floor runs and sees Boomer across the way, also on the top floor. They both look at each other, then start running down the stairs after Hera. Hera is running towards this door filled with light but before she gets there, Six picks her up. Then Roslin 'wakes up'.Your guess is as good as mine. Later, Six and Gaius walk with Hera through the door. They look up and see the FF, all bathed in light like how Three saw them. I was SOoo hoping that they would show their faces. But it gives me hope that the Four aren't really in the FF because what harm would there be in showing us their faces if we already knew (this scene takes place after the Four flip out on Galactica)? Should we assume Roslin's the last one? Also Roslin and Boomer confront Six and they all agree that it wasn't a dream. They were all there in a shared reality.


Q: A few quick questions if you don't mind. How does everyone react to Kara? I hope she at least gets a hug.

Mandigirl: She came at the very end of the episode. Only Lee saw her and he looked (big surprise) like he'd seen a ghost. Can't wait to see what the Old Man will say!!


Q: was she in her flight suit, or could you see her bare arms? I'm curious to know if the big honking wedding tattoo is still there to indicate that it is in fact the same Kara, not a copy.

Mandigirl: She was wearing her flight suit so we couldn't see her arms, but good point. Although the copies probably would have the tatoo too.


Q: Tory -- Interesting choice. Makes sense though since she is Roslin's right hand.

Mandigirl: Also, she and Anders were having a pretty steamy affair. Not pleased about that but whatever. Guess he thought Starbuck was dead. But Tori?! Come on Sammy. If you were lonely all you had to do was ask for my number!


Q: mandigirl, you have to promise me you're not joking when you say things like that. 'Cause I can't take this much Victorian fainting in one day.

Mandigirl: Haha! I promise! I actually fast forwarded through it because I don't want to see Anders with anyone but Kara. Esp. since she's alive now. But they were certainly getting it on. I don't know if it was supposed to have started that episode or if it began in the two episode that came before it.


Q: mandigirl, somebody upthread already asked, I'll repeat - what about Lee's storyline? There was supposed to be some big scene, or something?

Mandigirl: Sorry I forgot about that. I don't know what to tell you actually. Nothing much happens with him although JB turns in some fine performances. To be honest, I wasn't really paying attention to his problems/issues because I was so mind-fracked with the other things going on. I guess the main things are that 1) he becomes more and more like his grandfather- i.e. a lawyer. 2) He screws Roslin over at the Baltar trial. 3)We see the guy who was Badger from Firefly (even that just puts a smile on my face!!) who is Baltar's attorney and Lee second chairs. Oh!! Also, (I was really fast forwarding through this part because I wanted to get to the season finale) it appears that Dee leaves him. I didn't mention this before because quite frankly somewhere in the fast-forward blur they may have got back together, but if they stay apart YEAH! I've always hated her. Of course I can tell you more if you want, but those are the basics


Q: I second the request over what Lee and Kara actually say in the last scene. This is on the flight deck?

Mandigirl: No- they see each other out in space-- both are in their raptors and talk (VERY briefly) through their helmet mic things. You know, there's an interesting parallel to last night's episode in a way.

I'm about to be totally obnoxious, but after reading the Chicago Tribune article, I actually feel really bad about spoiling so much. I didn't mean to disclose quite this much-- I just wanted to toss out that Starbuck is still alive because I don't know if I would be able to watch the last few episodes without knowing either. I just wouldn't be able to enjoy them and I know a bunch of people feel that way. I didn't mean to totally ruin the last episodes though. I think I'll cool it for a bit and post back in a couple of weeks. Chat with you guys soon.


Mandigirl: OMG! To be honest, I'm kind of over this right now but I'm taking a deep breath and trying to understand that some people have some trust issues. So let me try to help you out (although to be honest, you'll see for yourselves in less than a week whether this is 'a rumor' or not. But I would never put spec in a spoiler forum.) I got the screener from a friend-- I have abs. no clue where she got it only that she brought it to me because she knows I'm a complete fanatic. I usually watch BSG (and all my other shows for that matter) spoiler free, and honestly I didn't want to ruin the end for myself so soon, but after watching last night's episode at its regularly scheduled time, and seeing Starbuck 'die' at the end, it was a lost cause and I jammed that dvd into my player. My intent was to just kind of skim the last episodes to see if she was still alive. But of course, along the way I saw a lot other things (which I've shared), but my main focus was Starbuck and coincidentally she only comes back in the last minutes of the last episode, so I saw a lot in between. But BEFORE I started skimming, I tried to assuage my fears spoiler-free by watching the scene again on my tivo so I wouldn't have to watch the rest of the episodes (frankly, I think spoilers kind of ruin things which is probably why I feel kind of guilty right now). This morning, I went onto the regular posts and I saw some people flipping out about Starbuck's death. I knew that I wouldn't have been able to watch the next few episodes in peace unless I knew, so I decided to give them a little hope without being completely spoilerish. I basically wrote what I was going to write before I skimmed the rest of the episodes. After that though, I really really wanted to dish about the Four revealed at the end-- I felt like I was going to explode and all my friends hate spoilers (I think I've mentioned this all before) so I came onto the spoilers forum. I didn't know people were going to be so suspicious and I don't know how much time I want to sit around trying to substantiate my posts. Basically, if you don't believe me, go ahead and watch the next few weeks and you'll see I'm not lying. I've never written anything on any spoilers pages before because I never had any spoilers. Now I do and I thought I would share. But seriously, if you don't believe me, feel free. I really can't think of much more to say than that.

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