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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Thanks to "She Good" over at for passing this along. Good TV's Blog

Material on this page is based on rumor. Although the source is very detailed and vouched for by "She Good," TPR is still treating it as rumor at least until part one of the finale airs. Until then, we consider it COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

See Part 2 for the rest of the rumors not involving the trial from the episode.

Baltar's Trial:
It's decided by the prosecuting attorney that Baltar can only be tried for crimes on New Caprica.

Tigh, who is already bothered by that music, is put on the witness stand by the prosecution and says that as head of the Resistance he saw all the papers smuggled out from Colonial One by their inside source. Ellen's fate is brought up and Tigh is vague in his answer. Cassidy backs off. Lampkin picks up on it and asks Lee about it, who knows nothing. He cross-examines Tigh until Tigh admits to killing Ellen. From Adama's perspective, he sees Lampkin and Lee talk and then Tigh is forced to make that admission. Next up is Roslin who testifies to being on the Cylon's execution list.

Lampkin calls for a recess, since he apparently hasn't figured out how to undermine Roslin yet. Lee reluctantly admits that he might have something. He goes off, meets with his father and ends up symbolically taking off his officer's pin, which Adama readily accepts, which includes the exchange about integrity that has been seen in the promos.

When the trial resumes, Lee's dressed in a civilian suit. Over Baltar's strenuous objections, Lampkin allows Lee to cross-examine Roslin. He manages to draw out of her that she's back to taking kamala root, but he and everyone else is surprised when she says she is doing so because the cancer is back.

Gaeta is next and he says that Baltar signed the execution list, and even claims that he was in the room when Baltar willingly signed it. Baltar rightly protests that Gaeta is a liar since Gaeta wasn't there and Baltar had a gun to his head after having seen Caprica Six shot.

Lampkin now calls Lee to the stand, which again panics Baltar. After some leading questions from Lampkin, Lee ends up pointing out how everyone has done something they didn't want to since the attacks such as shooting down a civilian ship (Adama), pardoning collaborators (except Baltar) and abandoning civilians to the Cylons (Adama and Lee). Everyone has been forgiven, all except Baltar. He posits that Baltar is being prosecuted because everyone else is feeling guilty.

The judges deliberate and return to with a verdict of 3-2 for not guilty. Later in CIC, Roslin goes to talk to Adama and learns that he was the deciding vote. Roslin is none to pleased with this.

TPR COMMENTS: The trial has not one, but two "Perry Mason" moments with Tigh admitting what the audience already knew and Roslin's revelation about her cancer returning. Top it off with Gaeta lying on the stand and Lee giving the "everyone is guilty of something" speech and it makes for a potentially melodramatic trial or one great acting showcase. The Tigh moment isn't a big surprise, but Roslin's cancer is. We were expecting a Lee/Roslin moment, but figured it would involve her attempt to throw the election.

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