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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/10/07: The following was emailed to TPR. It is an "interesting" theory that we decided to go ahead and post. Following the theory are some comments from TPR..

Email from "Mike":

I've been trying to post the following to TWOP for some time now, but they keep deleting my posts. So i thought i'd see if you were more receptive.

We already know about the following unconfirmed spoilers:

1. There's a Perry-Mason-like revelation on the stand
2. Tigh, Tyrol, Tori, and Anders start hearing weird music, which
supposedly means they're Cylons
3. Tory and Anders get it on

Now, #2 there would be the most interesting, but it doesn't really seem to make sense at first -- for example, how could Saul be a Cylon if he has a documented history going back decades?

Well, here's how this could all be tied together: What if the Perry Mason moment is Caprica Six saying something like,  "When i was screwing Gaius for two years on Caprica, i passed him some Cylon DNA which infected his brain and we've been manipulating him ever since via a Virtual Me. Therefore, he shouldn't be responsible for his actions."

Such a Cylon STD would explain everything -- Consider this:

People who have had sex with a Cylon: Gaius, Ellen, Tyrol
People they went on to have sex with: Kara, Saul, Cally
People they went on to have sex with: Lee, Anders
People they went on to have sex with: Dee, Tory

This completely explains the music that Saul, Anders, Tory, and Tigh end up hearing -- they're not actual Cylons, they're just infected with Cylon DNA. That Cylon DNA could also have been responsible for Kara's Leoben visions.


TPR: As intriguing and somewhat plausible that this theory is, it is somewhat off-the-wall. Also, there are a couple of what we consider huge questions marks with this theory. The two men that would be most likely to be "infected" due to repeated exposure are Baltar and Helo. Baltar has been having the visions, but Mandigirl says nothing about his hearing the music. Also, Helo seems to experience neither the visions or the music. Secondly, the "Perry Mason" moment likely occurs between Lee and Roslin and not Caprica Six. Either way, the scene where the four gather together occurs late in part 2, presumably after the "Perry Mason" moment, which might occur as early as part 1. If that moment involved Caprica's reveal of the DNA, then the four wouldn't have reacted as Mandigirl described. Of course, this is all based on Mandigirl's posts being true spoilers.

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