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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/20/07: Here are some comments from TPR regarding a random rumor, but interesting one.


RUMOR: We were emailed a rumor that apparently started at (that right there is enough to kill almost all creditibility) and then moved to the boards. The rumor claims that there is an additional scene at the end of the episode that reveals another male character as a Cylon.

TPR COMMENTS: We're basically running with this one just because there pretty much isn't anything left to spoil for the final episode, so all that's left is to make up some speculation. We have almost no faith in this rumor being true because of its ties to the IMDB forums. However, it would be interesting since it would either seemingly get all twelve Cylons revealed or would give a new spin to the four that believe they are Cylons. At first glance, it would seem to fit with the long ago promo about One (not four) being a Cylon, but the promo actually said "One will realize they are a Cylon." This would fit with Tyrol's verbal acceptance of it rather than another reveal of a known character in a Cylon setting somewhere. It would actually fit better with David Eick's willingness to admit to only one familiar character being revealed as a Cylon.


TPR COMMENTS on Kara: Even before seeing whether she does turn up at the end of the finale, we're sticking with our long-held belief that Starbuck will continue to be around on a limited basis. Katee Sackhoff is still under contract. Yes, she is rumored to be involved in another series, but it's a series executive produced by David Eick. In light of more recent reports that Tricia Helfer is filming a pilot for another David Eick series, we're theorizing that Eick is giving the actresses additional opportunities as BSG nears its end. Giving them work on his own series should eliminate scheduling conflicts and the actresses to work on both series. This way, they can "stay in the family" so to speak and be available whenever the BSG storyline requires.


TPR COMMENTS on shippers: We're amused to see the name calling from the L/K shippers even as they prove they frequent the site. Again since there is little in the way of real spoilers at the moment, we'll open up this can of worms. We brought it up in our review of part one of the finale, but apparently didn't express our opinion strongly enough. We enjoyed the interplay between Roslin, Adama, Lee and Kara in the first season and a half. They were always blowing hot and cold with each other, but it was over matters of opinion and the greater storyline concerning the fleet which would overshadow their personal feelings. But even in the worst of times, it didn't take much for the trust to return between them. The subtle tease of them settling into a family as a pair of couples was a nice undercurrent that drifted in and out early in the series.

That said, we did not like the dark turn that Starbuck started to make in the second half of Season 2, which coincided with Dee ditching Billy for Lee. The writers took Kara's qualities of independence and brought them to extremes that harmed the character. We have absolutely loathed the Season 3 storyline that has dragged Lee and Kara down past Dee's level. Does that mean we hate the characters? No. We hate how they and their (non-)relationship have been written this season. We figure the K/L shippers hate it (with the exception of the outdoor booty call and the Raptor pawing) because Dee is in the way. Pretty much everyone else has disliked it because it's just been badly written and made the show often feel like As Galactica Turns or The Colonial Days of Our Lives. The problem is that the writing has so dragged Kara down that something drastic had to happen to reset the character.

We were not happy with Kara's abrupt (and seemingly pointless) exit, which left her destiny hanging out there, since we're not buying that her destiny was to accept death. But we do hope that Kara's apparent death will allow the other three characters to move on, maybe heal and get new stoyrlines. Then when (notice we said when, not if) she returns, there is a chance of a bit of a fresh start. As long as it's written well, we will have no problem with BSG winding down with Kara and Lee finally coming together as a stable couple. Ronald Moore repeatedly said in Seasons 1 and 2 that the relationship between Kara and Lee was an essential component of the show, but one that could not be resolved until the series wound down. Although TPR thinks that is placing a little too much emphasis on one dynamic in the show, we were ready to watch the two dance around each other throughout the series before finally settling down together and "officially" making Kara the daughter that Adama has long thought of her as.

But we'll add one caveat. TPR doesn't watch the show just to root for a couple of relationships to come to fruition. We watch the show because it's well-written (not so much the third season, but we're not ready to give up). If quality writing results in other pairings that are not just thrown together for shock value, but are well-developed then we won't complain about that either. Has TPR been anti-Kara in Season 2.5 and this season? It's probably come across that way, but we've really been anti-crappy-storyline-ruining-Lee-and-Kara-as-characters. To those who disagree, go back and read our speculation from long before Kara's episode aired. We did not root for her death. We rooted for a change that would finally kill the neverending soap opera storyline. Hopefully, with Lee throwing himself into the trial, Dee walking out on him and Anders finally having something to do as a pilot trainee, the reset is being achieved.

Now if you're a shipper that liked that whole season long pointless storyline, then we'll agree to disagree wholeheartedly on that. BTW, the shipper that we've really grown tired of is one who seems to think that BSG is really all about Helo and Athena in large part because of Hera. We do have a certain affinity (that we readily admit is next to impossible to explain) for that relationship, but sadly they are only supporting characters and are not as integral to the show as Adama, Roslin, Lee or Kara and it's rare to get an EPISODE that they are at the center of let alone the ENTIRE SERIES.

One last thing, we welcome coherent emails (flaming garbage will hit the trash can immediately) with questions concerning the L/K 'ship, any other 'ship or the show in general. We'll post the questions and our responses.

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