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Thanks to "She Good" over at for passing this along.
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Material on this page is based on rumor. Although the source is very detailed and vouched for by "She Good," TPR is still treating it as rumor at least until part one of the finale airs. Until then, we consider it COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/16/07: The following comes from Jessica on the Buffistas forums. Below is the text of the original posts.

Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 1:22:54 pm PDT #1867
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

So, all that said, here are some of my thoughts.

The Final Four are all the leaders of the resistance on New Caprica, minus Roslin. I do not think this is a coincidence. Is Roslin the Fifth? (Points in her favor include being the remaining Resistance leader, and her shared dream/projection with Sharon and Six. Points against her are that I don't think Cylons can get cancer.)

The Final Four were activated by a song from Earth. I can't remember another instance of hearing a real-life pop song on this show, and I do not think that that is a coincidence either. Does it tell us what year it is on Earth now? What year it was on Earth when these four were dispatched?

I think D'eanna must have been apologizing to Tigh in the temple, for pulling out his eye.


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 1:40:38 pm PDT #1869
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

So -- there was no Perry Mason moment with Gaeta being revealed to be a Cylon in the courtroom? That is one of the foilers out there.

Heh - no, that one's a foiler.

Oh, I almost forgot! Dee leaves Lee after he officially becomes one of Baltar's lawyers. (Guess he wasn't quite as much like the old man as she'd hoped...)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 3:09:57 pm PDT #1874
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

(Please tell me they used the Hendrix version of the song.)

On the temp track at least, it's a cover version I didn't recognize. I don't know what they'll end up using for the broadcast. (They may also replace it entirely, but then the lines that Tyrol , Sam and Tori recite won't really make sense.)

(PS, spoiler feedback is TEH BEST CRACK EVAR. I'd almost forgotten how much fun spoiling is! Silly me!)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 3:26:07 pm PDT #1876
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

Do the four (Tigh, Anders, Tori, and Chief) seem like they really didn't know they were Cylons? I mean -- is their shock real.

Oh, it's very real. At the end of the ep, they're all still in shock, and not a small amount of denial. Unlike Boomer, who was activated to do something (she didn't know for sure she was a Cylon until she shot Adama), these four seem to have simply been switched on. They know they're Cylons, but they don't know why. They don't know what they've been programmed for, why they were placed in the fleet, or why they've been activated now. So they're all not only freaked out that they're Cylons, they're freaked out that they might be programmed to sabotage the fleet in ways they're not aware of yet.

I think the Final Five might be a Cylon splinter group with a completely separate agenda from the other 7. It's just a hunch, but I can't shake the feeling that 4/5 (at least) of them being the leaders of the human resistance on New Caprica is significant. That they have a different plan, and that it's somehow connected to Earth.

What did you like best about it?

The editing. The construction of the narrative, especially of the second half, is pure brilliance, the way it builds.


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 8:15:44 pm PDT #1880
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

I can't remember her exact words, but she makes it clear that in her mind, he let her down by letting Baltar walk free. I think she'll forgive him eventually, but it will be a while before they're back to calling each other up in the middle of the night to chat. Their jobs have finally gotten in the way of their relationship in a way neither of them is ready or willing to back down on.

Adama definitely knows about the cancer before the trial begins -- he tries to stop Lee from questioning her about the camala root and is overruled by the other judges. (So it's clear that he knew she was taking it, and why.)

DH just reminded me of a point I'd forgotten about (and that everyone seems to) -- Hera is no longer the only Cylon hybrid baby in the fleet, because Tryol's son is half-Cylon too.


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 8:26:34 pm PDT #1882
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

do you think it is likely that Roslin is having the dreams because she was injected with cylon blood? That her being the 5th is a red herring?

I have no idea. I wouldn't even call it a red herring -- it's not directly suggested by the text, it's my own hunch/theory.


Jessica - Mar 14, 2007 1:02:42 pm PDT #1886
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

What I was wondering, how did you feel about the Starbuck reveal at the end? Might they edit that out before it airs? It just seems so fake to me.

The whole last sequence is pretty surreal, so that moment doesn't stand out as "fake" in context. I really doubt they'll cut it.

Personally I liked it because it's what I'd been assuming happened to Kara all along - I didn't buy her being dead dead for a second, not with all that buildup to Kara Thrace's Special Destiny.


Jessica - Mar 15, 2007 9:10:58 am PDT #1888
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

What do you remember about the L/D breakup? Do we see them breakup, or do we just hear from one of them later that they did? Did Dee say she wants a divorce, or just does what she did in TAB where she walks out and sort of waits for him to come make it right?

We see her packing her things and moving out -- I doubt there was time for an official divorce, but it's clear we're supposed to assume the marriage is over. (Of course, that was also the implication about his military career a few scenes before, and he was back in the flight suit less than an hour later, so who knows what they'll decide to do with them in S4. Personally I really don't want to see any kind of drawn-out reconcilliation subplot, because Lee/Dee is SO FRACKING DULL.)

It did occur to me at the time that, really, HE should be the one moving out, since as a civilian, those are no longer his quarters.

Does this happen in CRI or II?

I really wish I could remember! We watched them back to back, and I didn't realize they weren't airing as a two-hour block until much later. I think it's in the beginning of part 2, but don't hold me to that.


Jessica - Mar 15, 2007 11:18:07 am PDT #1895
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

with Kara back

I wouldn't consider this set in stone either -- until we get confirmation that her ship shows up on everyone's dradis (not just Lee's), it's equally likely that she's a vision rather than a reincarnation.


Jessica - Mar 15, 2007 1:43:05 pm PDT #1899
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

Jessica, the girl on TWOP who revealed these spoilers said Kara and Lee spoke briefly. Maybe she just meant that which Kara said to Lee, but I had the impression he at least got a word or two in. Can you clear that up for me?

I think he may have said "Hi" or "Is it really you?" or something similar - whatever his exact words were, they weren't interesting enough to stick in my head. (And I don't have the screeners anymore to check, unfortunately - they were on loan and had to go back to their real owner.)


Jessica - Mar 15, 2007 5:48:34 pm PDT #1903
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

I remember in Maelstrom when Kara was in the hallway talking with Adama/Roslin that it lost power for a few seconds and Kara was the only one in light. Did you get the impression that maybe those two events were related or am I just reading to much into it.

It hadn't occurred to me, but I guess they could me! If Kara's return was what triggered the second power failure, which is totally plausible.

You said Kara said "Don't worry Lee, it's really me." Was that a direct quote or were you paraphrasing?

It's as direct a quote as my memory will allow. [eta: She definitely says "It's really me" and also "Don't worry" and "It's okay" or maybe "It's going to be okay." But maybe not in the exact order I've reported.]

I think the five are cylons from before the first cylon war, from when "all this happened before".

Well, they're definitely at least that old, with Tigh in the mix. I think they have something to do with Earth, and the thirteenth colony. I don't think the activation-by-classic-rock-from-Earth thing can be a coincidence. Of all the eps in this season, this one is the least likely, IMO, to suffer from lazy writing.

edited by Jessica on Mar 15, 2007 5:50:49 pm PDT

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