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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/17/07: Here are some comments from TPR regarding the recap and follow-up posts byJessica over at
RUMOR: Herc's Ain't It Cool News BSG Article - Hercules over at AICN has seemingly confirmed the rumored recap information as being true spoilers.

TPR COMMENTS: Hercules seems to admit in the article that he hasn't seen the screener. We (and by that we mean our Inner Six) find it more than coincidental that Hercules posted his article roughly an hour after we reposted Jessica's original posts here at TPR. After all, her posts were three days old and yet only yesterday did Hercules have anything to say. We actually feel that Hercules' post is more about damage control because he found that another site (TPR or possibly someone else) had just posted what could be a huge scoop so he rushed to get something up at AICN. We at TPR do not take Hercules post as solid confirmation that the recap is now confirmed by a reliable source since Herc's been wrong before. Lastly, if anyone asks us about this particular theory, we'll blame it on our Inner Six who's probably delusional anyway since she keeps humming some old Bob Dylan song.


RUMOR: Kara seems to turn up at the end of the episode. She looks to be in good spirits as she tells Lee about knowing where Earth is and that she's going to lead the fleet there.

TPR COMMENTS: Who knows? In the lead up to Maelstrom, Katee Sackhoff wouldn't say anything about her character's fate citing a confidentiality agreement. However, after the episode aired, she said that Kara was dead. Ronald Moore and David Eick have indicated that a character would be gone from the last three episodes. They wouldn't say "dead." though. TPR is hoping that Kara isn't dead as long as her "undeath" is explained convincingly. However, we wouldn't be surprised if what Lee saw was an Inner Kara or some other such vision. We've already seen that he's not handling her death well. By the end of the finale, Kara is still dead, he's quit the military (and his father accepted), he's put Roslin (who trusted him as much as Adama did) on the stand and forced her to admit that she was taking the kamala root and that her cancer was back, he's helped Baltar (someone he has no great regard for) to be found not guilty, been dumped by his wife and the Cylons are in a full-on attack. In the midst of that, it wouldn't be surprising that he's "seeing" a Kara who is at peace. Which begs the question that if her friends were under attack by the Cylons at that very moment, why would she be so happy? After all, the Cylons might be in the process of making sure that there wouldn't be anyone left for her to lead to Earth. Having Kara's appearance be nothing more than Lee's vision would be a good parallel to Maelstrom where everyone was convinced that Kara was seeing a phantom Cylon Raider since she had been coming apart emotionally for quite some time. It could play either way and we'll have to wait nine months to find out.


RUMOR: Anders, Tigh, Tyrol and Tory hear Dylan's All Along the Watchtower and that eventually clues them in to the truth that they are Cylons.

TPR COMMENTS: Bah humbug! If All Along the Watchtower makes it into the final cut, then the four of them aren't freaking out because of their programming being "switched on" and learning that they are Cylons. They are really having a bad trip because someone (perhaps a Cylon or a collaborator) has spiked their food/drink with some kamala root as revenge for their leading the Resistance on New Caprica. When Tyrol voices his previously known worry about being a Cylon, they all pick up on it as some group paranoia. TPR finds that as plausible as the alternative. Now that we've got the rant out of the way, let's move on.

TPR COMMENTS: The final episode of the original BSG (not counting the awful Galactica: 1980) ended with four characters (Apollo, Cassiopeia, Sheba and Starbuck) exploring the ship and picking up a radio signal on old unused scanners. They don't stick around to learn that the signal was of Neal Armstrong's walk on the moon. Now that all would seem to track with All Along the Watchtower being heard in the new series, except the four only hear basically in their heads, not on long-range scanners or some technology. So unless there is some kind of radio transmitter implanted in their brains, they are not hearing some long-travelled radio signal.

TPR COMMENTS: TPR actuallyfeels that the music was simply part of a temp track used for the unfinished cut sent out on the media screener. In her recap, Jessica also mentions the use of music from 2001 in the opera house vision sequence with Roslin, Athena and Six. TPR thinks that the use of All Along the Watchtower was intentionally done for the media screener to throw everyone off (see next comments for details). Bear McCreary stated that there were some specific musical cues called for bythe script that he had to add for the finale. We hope that didn't mean that we'd get less of his wonderful original music in favor of Dylan, which doesn't fit the established musical style of the show. What about the characters muttering the lyrics to themselves? Well, since they are muttering it to themselves, it's a pretty simple scene to reshoot with them muttering something else. We're hoping that there is some additional (musical or audio) that was not in the media screener that has been edited into the final cut tor the sequence when the four gather together.

TPR COMMENTS: Even some of the non-spoilery media reviews of the finale couldn't resist references to the song or Dylan. Ronald Moore stated in a podcast commentary that he wanted Hendrix to be heard and Dirk Benedict to appear saying, "I'm god" in the Season 1 finale in the Kobol Opera House sequence. He knows the Internet community knows that and often debates it so what better red herring than to put a similar reference in the media screeners, which he had to believe would end up leaking out before the episodes aired.

TPR COMMENTS: Now if TPR is wrong (which we'll know by tomorrow), then we're stuck with Cylons or someone else, triggering programming/memories in four sleeper Cylons with a song from 1960's Earth. That would turn the whole idea of the Cylons being only forty years old on its ear. Not to mention that it was done to four characters that showed some of the strongest aggression toward the Cylons by leading the Resistance on New Caprica (and even Caprica in the case of Anders).

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