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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/5/07: The following comes from a poster on the Television Without Pity forum who claims to have seen a media screener of the final episode. TPR has placed the information here, because it is considered no more than rumor. We find it all intriguing, but highly suspect and do not consider any of it as confirmed spoilers.
RUMOR: Lee becomes more and more like a lawyer, taking after his grandfather. He "screws over" Roslin during the trial. Dee looks to leave Lee.
TPR: The lawyer stuff is likely unimportant. As far as Roslin, Lee does have some inside knowledge of Roslin's decision-making. It's highly plausible that he would let something drop that would help Baltar's defense and betray Roslin's trust in him.
RUMOR: Kara appears in the last two minutes of the episode with no explanation. She speaks only to Lee, who acts like he's seeing a ghost. Kara appears to be less burdened emotionally that she's been previously. She tells him that she knows the way to Earth and is going to lead the fleet there.
TPR: This would be a great bait-and-switch. Ronald Moore and David Eick have admitted that a major character is missing from the credits for the final three episodes. Her absence from the opening credits would lull the audience into believing that she is really gone, so her sudden appearance to end the season would be great. Also, the SciFi Channel promo said that One would find Earth. No one has found Earth yet and there's that destiny of Kara's.
RUMOR: Tory and Anders are romantically involved.
TPR: Not a big deal, but in light of the next rumor, that could be interesting.
RUMOR: Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol begin to hear music that only they can hear. It's maddening to them because it has a familiarity to it, but just as they are about to figure out what it is, it disappears. Tigh, Tory and Anders can't sleep because of the music. Tigh tells Adama about the music and Adama seems to take interest, but no one else does because Tigh is going off the deep end. Finally, the music kicks in again and the four of them stop what they are doing and congregate in an abandoned room, which leads to the final rumor.
TPR: In an innocuous article, Bear McCreary has stated that there is a "special musical surprise," which was dictated by the script. Also, recent interviews have had cast and crew commenting on the brilliant acting that Michael Hogan (Tigh) pulls off in the finale.
RUMOR: Tigh, Anders, Tory and Tyrol gather in the room. Tory just freaks out. Tigh starts going on about having served for two decades. Anders is mad about all his friends that died on Caprica and New Caprica. Tyrol is quiet and resigned. Tyrol finally comes out and says that they are Cylons and always have been. They seem to think that a "switch" was flipped which clued them in.
TPR: In January, Aaron Douglas said that four of the five Cylons would be revealed in the finale (see below). David Eick himself stated: "I think the audience has to start by asking the question, 'What really defines a Cylon?' That's part of what Season 4 is really going to be dedicated to. And the tip of that iceberg will be introduced in the season finale." Four familiar faces, three of which break the rule about the humanoid Cylons only appearing 2 years before the attacks, would do just that. Tyrol believed he was a Cylon anyway.
FINAL COMMENTS: If these rumors are true, then this would be a wild ride. This would definitely shift the pieces for Season 4. It would leave open all sorts of possibilities. How soon would Kara return and begin to lead the fleet to Earth? How would the Cylon-hating Tigh and Anders deal with being Cylons? How would Cally deal with having a Cylon husband and hybrid child considering how much bile she has for the Sharons. Side note, other rumors have said that Cally starts getting worked up about the possibility of there being other Cylons on Galactica to the point that she and Athena have a heart-to-heart with a gun involved. Do they even tell anyone else at first? Or do they try to keep it to themselves? When Cavil told Tyrol that he was not a Cylon, was he trying to surpress the same kind of suspicion in Tyrol that Sharon had exhibited before her programming took off? Or does Cavil know more than the other models, which would fit nicely with what transpired between the Cavil and D'Anna in the Temple and her boxing.

1/17/07: The PatriotResource has noticed that some are skeptical about Aaron Douglas's spoiler that four of the five remaining Cylons will be revealed in the season finale. Taking just Aaron's word for it is difficult, but he's only the latest to have teased that the Final Five will be seen. Based on vague comments by David Eick months ago, we may already have seen some of them and just don't know it yet. So the real question is whether we're going to learn their identities or will just get a tease like seeing (the backs of) four of them communicate with the unseen fifth while they are clearly depicted as being somewhere in the fleet. After all, learning that the Final Five are in the fleet perhaps out of self-preservation and a need to reach Earth, while the seven humanoid models are now pursuing them as well as the humans would be quite a reset.

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