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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale Speculation:
Material on this page is based on rumor, with some analysis from The Patriot Resource (TPR). It is COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED and likely to be taken with a grain of salt.

3/10/07: Here are a few more rumors that TPR has pulled from the poster on the Television Without Pity forum who claimed to have seen a media screener of the final episode. TPR has placed them here, because they are considered no more than rumor. We find the information intriguing, but highly suspect and do not consider them confirmed spoilers. We'll track the validity of this information as spoilers from legitimate sources trickle out.
RUMOR: Kara appears in the last two minutes of the episode with no explanation. Lee is out flying in his Raptor and he sees Kara in her Raptor. They talk over the wireless. Kara seems happy as she tells Lee that she knows where Earth is and she's going to lead the fleet there.
TPR: First of all, Mandigirl probably means that they are in Vipers, not Raptors. Now, only Lee supposedly sees her and is out in space somewhere when he does and that's how the episode ends, so it could be Kara. It could be some kind of head-Kara or a guilt/grief-induced vision of Kara. Lastly, it could be someone or something else (Ship of Lights) appearing to Lee as Kara.
RUMOR: Roslin, Athena and Six have a shared dream/reality. Roslin is in the top floor of the Kobol Opera House when she sees Hera running down on the first floor. Roslin runs to the staircase and sees Athena. They both run down the stairs. They chase after Hera who is heading for a doorway filled with light. Before she reaches the doorway, Six appears and picks her up. Roslin then wakes up. Later she and Athena talk with Caprica Six and they all agree that they all were there in the dream/projection.
TPR: This rumor seems to be confirmed by the part 1 promo pic of Roslin in the Opera House and the article from the Chicago Tribune, although Mandigirl admits to reading the article while she was posting all this info. If it is true, it means that Roslin has a connection with Hera, which is plausible since she has Hera's blood and DNA in her. As Hera's mother, it makes sense that Athena would be there. The question is how Caprica ties in. She did save Hera and seems to believe in her being the key to the survival of the Cylons. Also, we're not clear as to whether this dream scene takes place before or after the Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol come together.
RUMOR: After the shared dream that Roslin is in and after Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol get together in their "Cylon" scene, something still happens in the Kobol Opera House. Six, now joined by Baltar, take Hera through the doorway where they find the "bathed in light" chamber of the Final Five.
TPR: This scene seems to be confirmed by the part 2 promo pic. Mandigirl isn't clear on which Six and Baltar this is. The promo pic looks to show Inner Baltar (no beard), but it's unclear which Six is wearing the white dress since Inner Six usually wears a red dress and Caprica Six is sporting a black dress in the episode. That leaves Caprica Six with her Inner Baltar or Baltar and his Inner Six as other possibilities.
FINAL COMMENTS: There are at least a couple of big plot points that Mandigirl is leaving out such as the "Perry Mason" moment in the trial and even the resolution to Baltar's trial. Also, a lot of characters apparently are having visions in the finale. Athena and Caprica Six are Cylons and have the ability to create projections, but Roslin is apparently along for the ride, too. Anders, Tory, Tigh and Tyrol may not have full visions, but if they are hearing music no one else does, then something is going on. Also, Lee could be having one as well since the Kara appearance is also not explained.

That said, it does raise some doubt as to whether Anders, Tory, Tigh and Tyrol are four of the final five Cylons or simply believe that they are. After all, it's apparently Tyrol that actually says that they are Cylons, but he's already had doubts before so he could be jumping to conclusions. Tigh is freaking out too, but he has a scene with Caprica Six in part 1, so she could have gotten inside his head (so to speak). Just like Kara's death left some "wiggle room," it looks as though there is plenty of room for the Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol bit to be explained as something else.

The Roslin/Athena/Caprica dream, the Anders/Tigh/Tory/Tyrol music and Lee/Kara sequences look to go unexplained and are likely the multiple cliffhangers that have long been confirmed. It's going to be a long wait until January 2008.

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