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Galactica: 1980

"The great ship...Galactica. Majestic and loving...strong and protecting. Our home for these many years we've endured the wilderness of space...and now we near the end of our journey. Scouts and electronic surveilance have confirmed that we've reached our haven...that planet which is home to our ancestor brothers. Too many of our sons and daughters did not survive to share the fulfilment of our dream. We can only take comfort and strength in that they did not die in vain. We have at last found...Earth."

After ABC cancelled Battlestar Galactica, the network actually found that it's replacement performed worse in the timeslot. As a result, the network wanted to bring it back. With most of the original actors either unable or unwilling to return, only Lorne Greene as Adama and Herbert Jefferson (in a recurring role) as Colonel Boomer returned. Instead, we get a grown up Boxey, now called Troy, and his buddy, Dillon. The pilot had one premise, but then the series itself was filled with children, probably thanks to the 7 P.M. timeslot with newly instituted educational guidelines. The show was bad and bore little resemblance to the original series, which alienated the fans of that show. As a result, the show was cancelled during production of the eleventh episode.

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