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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan
Telefilm Spoilers:

Despite efforts to filter out unreliable content, this information can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. Spoilers are dated and will not be edited after the original posting. TPR's comments can be found in italicized brackets.

10/28/09: "The Plan" is available for purchase now. [We've now seen The Plan and enjoyed it. A detailed recap is in progress and will be posted as soon as it is done.]
10/21/09: "The Plan" is available for pre-order now. It's still on track for an October 27th release on DVD even as the airdate on Syfy has been delayed. [Obviously by the absence of updates for nearly four months, TPR has taken some time off, but take this as a sign that we're back and will be catching up on news and spoilers.]
10/21/09: The airdate for "The Plan" has been delayed until at least 2010. From Chicago Tribune
6/27/09: "The Plan" is currently scheduled to air in November 2009. From Chicago Tribune
6/20/09: According to Ron Moore, "If you loved Battlestar Galactica you're probably going to be really intrigued by The Plan because it's going to have all of these little breadcrumbs and throwaway lines and indicators and suggestions from other episodes. You've seen the show. You've watched the finale. You know how the story ends. OK, here's like an additional slant on some things that you didn't know about." From Wired
6/13/09: Brother Cavil sits by Ellen's bedside. She's cut up and bandaged. Cavil tells her that the Cylon Raiders reappear every thirty-three minutes. Ellen asks him to find Saul. The ship is then rocked by an explosion and Ellen fades back to unconsciousness. Cavil then says "Papa is here." He then adds that four of the Final Five are in the fleet. He then wonders if he's being cruel by keeping them alive and then immediately affirms that he is being cruel. From SciFi Channel Promo [By the looks of Ellen, Cavil barely saved her from being killed in the attacks.]
6/13/09: According to Edward James Olmos, "You see the complete opposite of the first 281 days of what we went through, ... seen through the eyes of the Cylons, and it is breathtaking. It's fantastic. It's not fun, but I will say that you will sit there [gasping]." He also added, "The Plan is 2 hours and 6 minutes long the way you're going to have it on the DVD. When you see it aired, it's going to be 88 minutes." From SciFi Wire
6/7/09: According to Kate Vernon, "Now they've written me with more heart and more compassion, and this intention to bring some enlightenment and peace, and I got to expand a character, just show a deeper side of myself." From SciFi Wire
5/24/09: According to Grace Park, "They had this little piece that was a little prop which would [help] you sort of [see] the mechanism how Boomer went in and out of her sleeper [mode]." From SciFi Wire
5/24/09: According to Michael Trucco, the film "actually picks up the story between season one and season two. It's actually prequel to the entrance of Anders, my character, and Cavil, Dean Stockwell's character. The movie is told from that perspective." The film is "going to use footage from stuff that's already been shot, but then they'll integrate it with a shot that will tie in [the fact] that Cavil was just around the corner hiding behind a tree in the forest, long before we even met him." From SciFi Wire
4/30/09: A new trailer was screened at Paley Fest: Anders awakens in aresurrection tub, a Doral preps for a suicide bombing mission, a new dark-haired Six is seen, Boomer talks to Cavil about her attempted assassination of Adama ("I shot him in the chest!" He retorts, "How about once in the head?!"), Cavil says, "Let's get this genocide started" and "We had our foot on the throat of humanity and we failed to step down on it." From IGN ["Dark-haired Six" sounds like the leather-clad Six that we've already seen in previous promos.]
3/30/09: Sue Shaun from Anders' Caprica Resistance, Barolay from both the Caprica and New Caprica resistance and Marine Nowart are listed as appearing. From IMBD [Considering that IMDB also listed Sue Shaun as appearing in the series finale, we're remaining skeptical. Although, we note that the actress listed as playing Sue Shaun is different from the one who originally portrayed the character back in Season 2.]
3/30/09: From SciFi Channel Promo
  • A Six
  • Adama in CIC
  • A Centurion switches from weapons-mode to standing down.
  • A brown-haired leather-clad Six sits next to a glasses-wearing platinum-blonde Six.
  • Close-up of the glasses wearing platinum-blonde Six as she gives a little nod.
  • A wet Boomer. [From the "Water" episode?]
  • A Simon lying down as a human woman leans over and kisses him. [Diana from the previously seen clip? If so, that's not Seelix.]
  • Ellen eats a bite of food.
  • The camera pans down Ellen's body as she leans against a table.
  • Close-up of Cavil
  • A panicked Boomer with Tyrol
  • Anders. [This looks like the scene were Starbuck is on top of him from their Season 2 adventures.]
  • Anders looks up. [He appears to still be in his tub of goo.]
  • Simon carries a child down a cramped corridor. [We're guessing that it's the same Simon who was with the woman.]
  • A woman cries as Tyrol can be seen standing next to her. [Looks like it's the same woman who was with the Simon.]
  • The fleet's Cavil and the Cavil that was with Anders' resistance.
  • Simon is in a storage compartment or small room as he talks to someone.
  • Anders is planet-side leading his resistance. [Can't tell if it's Caprica or New Caprica.]
  • Tyrol
  • Leoben stands up during his interrogation by Starbuck. [Reused scene from the first season.]
  • Cavil peeks around a corner.
  • A Six wearing only underwear kneels on a rather small bed. [This looks like ship's quarters somewhere.]
  • The leather-wearing Six glances at a booklet as someone stands next to her.
  • Anders
  • Tigh
  • Marines run down a corridor. [It looks like it could be the same area where Cavil was hiding.]
  • A black-clad and determined Six.
  • A conflicted-Boomer shortly after her suicide attempt.
  • Tyrol.
  • A serene-looking Simon sits in a room, planet-side.
  • Anders crouches with his gun talking to someone [Barolay?] while on a planet-side resistance mission.
  • Simon looks concerned. [This could be the ship-side Simon.]
  • An Eight is planet-side looking up as people can be seen behind her. [This could be Boomer or even Athena.]
  • A child leans against a railing. [This appears to be ship-side]
  • The Cavil that was with Anders' resistance stands in a stroage depot. [The hat tips us off to him being the Anders Cavil.]
  • Leoben in his cell. [From Season 1]
  • [We think we got everything, but could have missed a couple of quick cuts].
3/9/09: According to Kate Vernon, "You'll definitely have a few "ah ha" moments. But there's a big chunk of what's been happening on the show that this movie will show the moments right before. You'll get a big piece of the puzzle from "The Plan." It'll just slide right into focus. The movie will open up the show for fans in a big way, because there's a giant piece missing and this will show you the bigger picture." From New York Post [Another indication that some things might be left unresolved.]
2/4/09: Regarding Boomer and Cavil's relationship being explored/explained, Grace Park said, "Just a little bit. A little bit. But it's kind of more indirect in Season 4.5, and it's a little bit more clear, I think, in The Plan." From [So either Boomer and Cavil's relationship goes back to earlier in the series, or The Plan doesn't just cover the miniseries and the first two seasons.]
1/19/09: In response to a question about how the showrunners didn't really have a plan conceived for the Cylons and that it's inclusion in the opening credits was a marketing gimmick, Ron Moore responded, "I never liked it and regret ever acquiescing to it. However, we did finally answer it with "The Plan" movie and so now my conscience can be clear. From MediaBlvd [So the telemovie kind of serves as CYA?]
1/17/09: Starbuck won't be in 'The Plan'. From Katee Sackhoff Interview
1/4/09: Helo won't be in 'The Plan'. From Tahmoh Penikett Interview [Obviously because Penikett was already filming his new series 'Dollhouse', but it would have made sense to include Helo since he was running around on Caprica after the attacks.]
1/2/09: Three scenes from the film were previewed (script only) at a con. The first has Simon and a deckhand named Diana in a cabin on Galactica. She's tense and complaining about Tyrol and Starbuck. He wants her to loosen up and in doing so, he wakes up the baby. The second scene involves Anders and his Brother Cavil. He reveals that he doesn't know what he's doing and is borrowing tactics from a movie. Cavil counsels Anders and encourages him to forgive the Cylons. The third scene has Ellen Tigh in a strip club. She's unhappy about Saul when Cavil hits on her. He's interrupted by the bombings, but there's an implication that he might have helped get her off Caprica. From io9 [The Diana sounds a lot like it could be Seelix, but how is a Simon on Galactica and what happened to him since he would have been given away once Kara returned from Caprica? Though the implication is that they could have a child, we were drilled that Hera was the first hybrid so the baby shouldn't be Simon's.]
1/2/09: The film is currently scheduled to air in June 2009. From SciFi Wire
1/2/09: According to Jane Espenson, the film follows events that we've already seen from the miniseries to nearly the end of season two. However, the events are seen from the Cylon perspective: "the internal stuff. ... A lot of loose ends are tied up, a lot of questions are asked that you don't even know you have." In spite of when the film is set during the series' continuity, it is designed to be viewed after the series because of how it "gives away" the mysteries from the course of the series. From SciFi Wire [This reminds TPR of Babylon 5's prequel movie In the Beginning which pulled together the slowly revealed backstory from the first four seasons with the addition of a few twists.]
10/29/08: Mary McDonnell isn't likely to appear in the film since she says that Roslin's "story is not going to be explored further in the movie." From Ausiello
10/16/08: Shooting completed on October 1st with a suburban-set outdoor scene that involved a lot of extras and explosions. From 13th Colony [So either another scene of the attacks, the exterminations after the attacks or the Resistance fighting back.]
10/9/08: The film started shooting on September 8th. From Chicago Tribune
10/9/08: According to Olmos, who is directing, the Cylons are dealing with an unexpected result of their surprise attacks: survivors and what to do about them. Also, Olmos' wife will appear, expanding her role from the miniseries. Her character, Giana, was one of the survivors left behind on Caprica with Helo when Boomer left with Baltar. From Edward James Olmos Dragon*Con Appearance
9/6/08: Mark Verheiden has confirmed the working title and that the film is set during events of the miniseries, season one and season two. From Mark Verheiden Blog
9/6/08: Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Rick Worthy, Matthew Bennett and Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Hogan and Rehka Sharma are expected to appear which accounts for all the Cylons save D'Anna (Lucy Lawless). Though Tory and Tigh appear, they do not appear to have major roles. From Chicago Tribune
8/29/08: The working title is "The Plan." From BC Film Commission
8/29/08: At the Toronto Fan Expo, Aaron Douglas said, "We're doing a movie that spans season one and two. It's a story about Cavil and Tyrol and Anders. We start filming that in September, and we'll finish in September." From io9
8/8/08: "Starting before the events of the miniseries, our story focuses on familiar characters including Cylon Number One, known as Cavil (Stockwell), Resistance Leader Sam T. Anders (Trucco) and Chief Galen Tyrol (Douglas). In the beginning, the Cylons had a plan, but it didn't account for one thing: survivors. During the chaotic aftermath of the destruction, two powerful Cylon agents struggle with plots and priorities on the human ships that got away, and among the resistance fighters who were left behind." From Press Release
8/8/08: In addition to directing, Edward James Olmos is expected to appear as Admiral Adama. From Chicago Tribune
8/7/08: "The stand-alone will document the Cylons' attempts -- those of two agents in particular -- to grapple with human survivors, both those aboard ships and those left alive on planets, shortly after the Cylons' destruction of human home worlds." Anders (Michael Trucco), Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) and Cavil (Dean Stockwell) are confirmed as appearing and shooting is expected to begin "promptly." It's scheduled to air in 2009 after the finale episodes of the fourth season. From Los Angeles Times
8/2/08: Jamie Bamber thinks it's "highly unlikely" that Lee will appear in the BSG movie. From io9
7/21/08: Though the movie is set during the series, it will not air until after the series finale. From Chicago Tribune
7/5/08: According to Aaron Douglas, there will be only one telefilm and it'll start shooting in September. He also says that it'll be set during Season 1. From the Chief's Deck
7/2/08: The first movie is set to be written by Jane Espenson, directed by Edward James Olmos and to start filming in August. Dean Stockwell (Cavil), Michael Trucco (Anders), Aaron Douglas (Tyrol), Grace Park (Athena/Boomer), Michael Hogan (Tigh) and Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) have either been approached or are expected to be approached about appearing. From Galactica Sitrep
6/14/08: There seems to be confirmation that at least one of the movies is "almost certain" to be filmed this year. From Chicago Tribune
5/20/08: There are talks of three telefilm that like Razor would be side stories set within the series' timeline. In other words, not a continuation beyond the finale. From Chicago Tribune

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