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3/16/07: The following comes from Jessica on the Buffistas forums. Below is the text of the original posts.

Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 11:23:07 am PDT #1853
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

(Sorry - really busy today, and I'm not good with bullet pointing these things. Here's the first chunk. Haven't quite gotten to the good parts yet.)

Baltar's trial, as it turns out, is mostly about Lee and his SooperSeekrit Deep Pain That Nobody Understands Especially Daddy.

Lee gets over his initial crankiness at being assigned to Lampkin's security detail and decides that he really loves justice and wants to help to protect The System and make sure that Baltar gets a fair trial. Adama is NOT happy. (I think both of those things already happened.)

When the fleet is about 7 jumps from the nebula (where presumably they'll find the next clue on the road to Earth), they discover that the Cylon fleet has been following them. They assume there must have been a tracking device planted while the fleet was on New Caprica, and Roslin suggests asking the Six about it. Lee notices something suspicious about her tea in this scene. (I thought he was noticing that his dad was obviously sleeping with the President, but it's not brought up verbally so I can't be sure if it's in my head or in the subtext.)

Tigh goes to interrogate Six, and she tells him that the tillium refinery ship has a unique radiation signature that they've been following. He tries to get more information out of her, and she initially considers being helpful, but once Head!Baltar steps in and reminds her that no matter what she gives them, they'll still eventually throw her out an airlock, she gets snarky and starts taunting him about Ellen instead (presumably, she knows from Cavil that Ellen was giving them information about the resistance). She also somehow knows that he killed her. They exchange punches and Tigh leaves.

A woman visits Baltar in prison, wanting him to bless her son. He refuses, and then has a conversation with Head!Six where we learn that this has been happening a LOT lately. Apparently a cult has emerged within the fleet which thinks Baltar is some kind of prophet or demigod. He mostly finds them annoying.

Roslin wants the prosecuting attorney to charge Baltar with the original Caprica genocide, so Tori has a meeting with her. The prosecuting attorney basically says "Um yeah, so you want me to put the President on the stand and ask her to testify that she had a drug-induced vision about seeing Baltar with a Six? Sure thing..." So it is agreed that Baltar will only be charged with his New Caprica crimes, since they have some actual evidence for those. Tori looks frelling awful, like she hasn't slept in weeks.

Throughout the ep, there are snippets of a song that can be heard coming out of various radios and microphones. It's very distorted and difficult to understand, and it's clear early on that not everyone can hear it. Tigh, in particular, finds it very distracting, and so does Anders. Anders and Ceelix are either sleeping together, or just very good friends. Anders has signed up for basic flight training and has cut his hair (pity).

Back at the trial, Tigh is put on the stand. He's clearly had a few drinks, and is still hearing that damn song -- he keeps having to ask the prosecutor to repeat her questions. He testifies to being the leader of the resistance, and being in a position to know what Baltar was doing because he saw all of the documents leaked to them by their source on Colonial One. The prosecutor, clearly ignorant of this being a touchy subject, asks him about Ellen (trying to say, look, he lost his wife because of Baltar, don't you feel sorry for him?). Tigh mumbles something about her dying in the exodus from New Caprica, but it's clearly an uncomfortable question, so the prosecutor doesn't pursue it.

Lampkin can see Tigh is hiding something, and he asks Lee what happened to Ellen. Lee doesn't know either, but all Adama can see from the bench is that Lampkin leans over to Lee, Lee answers, and the next thing he knows, his oldest friend is being forced to confess to murdering his wife in front of a mob and the press. (Lampkin drags it out of him.) Tigh is (continued...)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 11:23:13 am PDT #1854
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

( continues...) now REALLY upset, both because of the Ellen thing and because of that damn music that he doesn't realize only he can hear. Adama takes Tigh back to his quarters and puts him to bed. Poor Tigh.

Roslin is put on the stand, and testifies to being on the death list that Baltar signed. Lampkin asks for a recess before the cross.

He needs information to undermine Roslin's character for Baltar's defense. Baltar is all set to go with the "she's a religious fanatic" angle, but Lee thinks he has something else. He's reluctant to come forward, though, because it's just a suspicion, nothing solid. Lampkin scolds Lee for being sooooooo into "the system" except when he's got information that might help Baltar, so Lee relents.

Lee then goes to talk to his father. He wants Adama to remove himself as a judge due to a conflict of interest. Adama agrees that he hates Baltar and thinks he's a traitorous cowardly piece of garbage, but he won't step down. He wants Lee to step down as assistant defense counsel, which Lee won't do because he thinks everyone deserves a fair trial. Their argument escalates until Lee removes his uniform insignia and says "I won't serve under a man who questions my integrity." Adama takes the pin without blinking and responds "And I won't have an officer under my command who doesn't have any." (Yes, you read that right...Lee has quit the military.)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 12:08:50 pm PDT #1857
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

Back in court, Lee is wearing a suit instead of his dress uniform. He looks strangely younger. He also asks permission to cross-examine Roslin. Baltar is REALLY against this idea, as he doesn't think Lee has any clue what the f*** he's doing, which is absolutely true. (And I have to say, Bamber gives a great performance here. Lee is very eager and very earnest, and has obviously been doing a lot of reading and seen a lot of L&O, but has not even the slightest idea about how to be a real lawyer.) Nevertheless, Lee gets to do the cross. Baltar's eyes are HILARIOUS in this moment, if you find DesperatelyWantingToLive!Baltar as funny as I do.

Lee starts out with some straightforward easy questions because he thinks that's what lawyers do. Eventually, he gets to the point, which is, when you were dying of cancer, Baltar saved your life. Also during that time, you were taking camala root extract, which caused you to hallucinate. He then builds to...are you taking camala root now? After some minor squabbling over the relevance of this question, Roslin answers yes, yes she is. Lee has no further questions, but Roslin says "Don't you want to know why?" Lee doesn't, the judges (Adama) do. And it turns out that Roslin's cancer has returned, which is why she's back on her hallucinatory meds. And is also a big reason why Adama's been so edgy lately, though that's not explicitly stated.

After Roslin's testimony, there is a press conference on Colonial One regarding the announcement of her cancer. Tori is looking really bad, clearly exhausted and under an immense amount of stress. At one point she loses her temper with the press and Roslin has to send her out of the room.

The whole time the trial has been going on, the rest of the Galactica crew has been busy trying to lose the Cylons AND keep jumping to the nebula. The Chief can be heard humming the same song that's been in Tigh's head while he works on keeping the Vipers and Raptors flying. Racetrack is also leading a class in avionics with the new nuggets, including Anders and Ceelix (Ceelix, presumably, knows more about avionics than Racetrack does, but she has to take the class anyway). Anders overhears the Chief humming and goes to ask him about it, since he's been hearing the same song all day. Neither of them can quite hear it completely, just little snatches, and when they try to remember where they've heard it before, it's gone. "Like something from childhood." Before they can talk further (and what is there to say, other than, "this is really fracking weird"?) Racetrack pulls Anders back into class, and the Chief gets back to work, still humming. Occasionally he adds the phrase "There must be some way out of here." (For people paying very close attention, this is wher DH's ears perked up and he started to put things together. So when you watch the ep, really listen to the music, because it's important.)

The intercutting in the second half of this two-parter is REALLY complex, and I'm probably not going to be able to recap everything in the right order. Just FYI.

In Lampkin's quarters, Lee thinks they should aim for a mistrial based on Adama's having already decided the verdict in advance. He reads a line from one of his grandfather's books about how a mistrial can be good for the defense because the prosecution will have already laid out their case and the defense can be better prepared for the next time. Baltar is dead set against this plan, though, because it would mean going through the whole thing again, which he doesn't think he can take. (His poor nerves!)

Anders and Tori run into each other in the bathroom, just washing up, during the recess. They both look like shit, but wind up making out. It's unclear whether this means they've been having an affair since Starbuck died (or before?) or if this is a new thing, or if either of them is even really aware of what they're doing. The song comes back on, and Tori says something like "There's that damn song again" and they (continued...)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 12:08:59 pm PDT #1858
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

( continues...) both realize that the other can hear it too. Which is weird, but they keep making out anyway instead of talking about it. A knock on the door snaps them out of it and Anders says "There's too much confusion" and leaves Tori alone. (Anyone got the reference yet?) On the way out, he gets a nasty look from Ceelix, which is why I think he might also be sleeping with her. Or maybe not.


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 12:30:22 pm PDT #1861
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

Back at the trial, Gaeta is on the stand. He not only testifies to Baltar's signature being on the death list, he testifies that he was in the room when Baltar signed it, and that Baltar did not protest when the Cylons put it in front of him. We all know this is a bold-faced lie, and so does Baltar, who very clearly remembers refusing until they literally put a gun to his head. Baltar jumps up and starts shouting "That's a lie, you were never there!" but his lawyer and the judges eventually get him to sit down. Lampkin does not cross-examine Gaeta, saying that if he's already decided to perjure himself, there's nothing he can do about it. He then moves for a mistrial (against the "Please gods no!" of Baltar's hilarious eyes), and asks to put Lee on the stand to testify why. Now, clearly, the defense counsel cannot put his associate defense counsel on the stand. It's ridiculously illegal. But since this is television, Adama insists that he wants to hear Lee's testimony, so the other judges agree to allow it.

Lee on the stand is marvellous. He doesn't go up there intending to give the speech he does, and I don't think he knows he believes it until the words are coming out of his mouth. He's very reluctant to testify to his father's previous statements about Baltar, but eventually gets worked up enough that he gives a long and moving soliloquy about how everyone on the ship in any kind of power position has made mistakes, and has been forgiven for them, except for Baltar. How Roslin issued a blanket pardon for collaborators...except for Baltar. He goes back to the very beginning of the season listing massive transgressions for which other people were forgiven -- Adama's coup d'etat, how he was forced to shoot down a civilian ship, etc etc up to the present day. And that, basically, Baltar's on trial because everyone feels guilty, and they want to punish someone for it, and it may as well be the crazy weird guy who everyone hates anyway. Surrendering to the Cylons on New Caprica was an impossible decision -- nobody knows how much worse it would have been if he had "stood up to them," as everything thinks he should have done. Nobody has any idea what "standing up to them" would have even meant, since at the time it seemed like the alternative was being instantly nuked from orbit. And nobody blames the commanders of the two warships for jumping away and abandoning them -- why aren't both Adamas on trial for treason? Lee eventually winds his argument down to a close and the defense rests. The judges retire to deliberate.

Tori is in really bad shape in the bathroom -- nauseous and dazed. She runs to the toilet to vomit, and then back at the sink washing her face, she mumbles "...can't get no relief." She blinks a few times and then leaves. Nobody who can hear the song is in great shape. Tigh in particular has been walking through the ship with his ear pressed against the wall, trying to figure out where the fracking music is coming from, making him look both drunk AND crazy. Er, moreso.

The judges return after what seems to be a very brief deliberation, but maybe more time has passed than they show. Baltar is found not guilty by a vote of 3-2. There is CHAOS in the courtroom, and Lee, triumphant (not because Baltar is free, but because he finally beat Daddy Adama at something), shouts "You've got to get him out of here, old man!" Baltar is escorted back to Lampkin's quarters by three or four marines. A free man now, Baltar is ecstatic. He can't wait to start planning his future with his two new bestest friends in the world, Lee and Romo! Only...they're not his friends. They were his lawyers. Now that they're not his lawyers anymore, it turns out they don't like him very much either. Especially Lee. Lampkin could care less what happens to Baltar -- now that he's a celebrity lawyer (and the fleet has a legal system again), he's all ready to go back to work and make a f***load of money. Lee is satisfied that he beat (continued...)


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 12:30:29 pm PDT #1862
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

( continues...) his Daddy at something justice has been served, and takes particular pleasure in knowing that the real justice is Baltar being allowed to live, but as an outcast, for the rest of his life. Baltar slowly realizes how terrified he is, having no idea how to live completely alone and cut off from society.

Roslin approaches Adama on the bridge to console him about the verdict. turns out he was the swing vote. Roslin is not happy. If they were having a secret affair before, they aren't anymore. Fortunately for their awkward moment, the Cylons choose that moment to attack. Condition One is set throughout the fleet. Lee, bless him, runs back to his quarters and gets his flight suit on (assuming, correctly, that they'll sort out that whole "quitting" thing after the battle). Tigh, Tori, Sam, and Tyrol are still stumbling around looking for the source of the music, which is getting louder, and yes, is gradually resolving itself into "All Along the Watchtower." And just then, the power goes out. Throughout the entire fleet.


Jessica - Mar 13, 2007 12:56:29 pm PDT #1866
Stupid stupid rat creatures!

(And at last!)

Frack, I forgot about all the dream sequences!! Argh. Okay, so throughout the whole two hours, there are dream sequences interspersed. They are Roslin's dreams. She is in the opera house (where Six brought Baltar on Kobol, and where D'eanna saw the Final Five), chasing Hera, who is running down corridors. Sharon is there too, and so is Six. The music on the temp track is the monolith theme from 2001, which I only mention because they'll probably write original music for the broadcast, which is a shame because the monolith theme is just so awesome. (Not "Thus Spake Zara Thustra," btw, the chorus of voices -- I think it's called "Atmospheres" or something.) At one point, Roslin is in sick bay getting chemo and has another dream/vision, which Sharon (who is also in sick bay for some reason) shares with her. They both snap awake at the same time, freaking the hell out of Cottle. They realize this is very strange, and go to talk to Six, who agrees that it is very strange. "That shouldn't be possible," she says. The outline of the dream is that Hera is running down the corridor, Sharon and Roslin following behind. Six is following close behind Hera, close enough to pick her up and run into the main room where D'eanna saw the Final Five. Baltar is there, they go in together, and turn around to see the Final Five (in bright white lights, their faces still not visible), watching them on the balcony. And all three of them - Roslin, Six, and Sharon - have been having the same dream.

During the power outage, Baltar is walking through Galactica being pointedly ignored by everyone when he is captured by some of his cult followers (who were at the trial) and taken away to safety. Everyone else on the ships are frantically trying to get the systems back up and running, and looking for flashlights, etc.

Tigh, Tori, Sam, and Tyrol are following their siren song and eventually wind up in the same launch tube. Tyrol arrives first, then Sam and Tori close behind. "Oh no no..." They know. They all know now. Tigh arrives moments after, and he knows too. They stare at each other, stunned into silence and denial. Sam bolts the door.

The power comes back on with a jolt, but the Cylons are right on top of them. There's no way the fleet can spin up the FTL drives in time to jump away. (Oh, and in the wide shot just before this happens, you can CLEARLY see the Enterprise -- it's always been part of the fleet, but I don't think it's ever been this prominent before.)

Eventually, the four in the launch tube start to talk, but none of them want to state outright what they're all thinking. Eventually, though, Tyrol is the first to say it. "We're all Cylons. And we have been from the beginning."

With the power back on, Adama calls everyone to battle stations. The Four all look at each other -- what are they supposed to do now, knowing what they are, and what they might be capable of? This time, it's Tigh who speaks. "Our fracking jobs, that's what. I am Saul Tigh, XO of this fleet. Whatever else I am, that's the man I want to be." And he opens the door and leaves. The rest of them hesitate, but they follow his lead. Tyrol and Sam go back to the deck, Tori goes back to Roslin.

When Tigh gets back to the bridge, Adama says "Good to have you back Saul" and he may as well have just stabbed Tigh in the heart. "You can always count on me, sir," he says. "I never doubted it, old friend."

In space, Lee keeps seeing a DRADIS blip out of the corner of his eye, something marked "unknown vessel" that keeps popping in and out of view. He decides to check it out. When he gets close enough, lo and behold, there's Kara in her Viper, looking more happy and relaxed than we've ever seen her. "Don't worry, Lee," she says, "it's really me. I've been to Earth. I know the way. I'll take us there."

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