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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Frodo
In The Fellowship of the Ring

Middle Earth locales visited by Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring in order of travel:
The Shire:
- Hobbiton
- Bag End
- Green Dragon
- Farmer Maggot's Fields
- Buckleberry Ferry

In the North:
- Bree
- Prancing Pony
- Chetwood Forest
- Midgewater Marsh
- Weathertop
- Troll Camp
- East Road
- Ford of Bruinen

- Council of Elrond

Pass of Caradhras

- Hollin Gate
- Dwarrowdelf
- Balin's Tomb
- Bridge of Khazad-dûm
- Dimrill Dale
- Cerin Amroth
- Caras Galadon
- Mirror of Galadriel
- Silverlode River

Along the River Anduin:
- Argonath
- Nen Hithoel
- Parth Galen
- Amon Hen

Frodo lives in Bag End of Hobbiton of The Shire with his uncle Bilbo. While waiting for Gandalf to return, he visits the Green Dragon. When he and Sam set out, they are joined by Merry and Pippin in Farmer Maggot's Fields. The Hobbits just reach the Buckleberry Ferry before the Nazgûl. They then get to Bree and go to the Prancing Pony to meet Gandalf. Gandalf is not there, but they meet Strider. He leads them to Weathertop, where Frodo is wounded by the Witchking with a Morgul Blade. Arwen finds them near the Troll Camp and brings him to the Ford of Bruinen.

Frodo recovers at Rivendell and then attends the Council of Elrond where he volunteers to take the Ring of Power to Mt. Doom. Gandalf leads the Fellowship to the Pass of Caradhras, but they are turned back. Frodo then chooses the way through Moria. He is attacked by the Watcher in the Water at the Hollin Gate, speared by the Cave Troll at Balin's Tomb and watches Gandalf fall at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. While at Caras Galadon, Galadriel leads him to the Mirror of Galadriel where he offers her the Ring, but she resists the temptation. She gives him the Phial before they set out on the Silverlode River. The Fellowship then sails down the River Anduin to Parth Galen. Frodo goes for a walk to where Boromir tries to take the Ring. He then chooses to leave the Fellowship behind.

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