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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Frodo
In The Return of the King

Middle Earth locales visited by Frodo in The Return of the King in order of travel:

In the South:
- Ithilien

- Minas Morgul
- Winding Stair
- Shelob's Lair
- Cirith Ungol Tower
- Mt. Doom

- Minas Tirith
- The Citadel
- White Tree

The Shire:
- Hobbiton
- Bag End
- Green Dragon

In the North:
- Grey Havens

Gollum leads Frodo and Sam back into Ithilien and on past Minas Morgul to the High Pass of Cirith Ungol. While on the Winding Stair, Gollum turns him against Sam, he sends Sam away. Gollum then leads Frodo into a trap at Shelob's Lair. He manages to escape and then fight off Gollum, but Shelob ambushes him. Sam wounds her before she can carry him into her lair. Sam then rescues him from the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Frodo and Sam continue on to Mt. Doom. He recovers at Minas Tirith and attends Aragorn's coronation in the courtyard of The Citadel before the White Tree. Frodo returns to The Shire for a few years before going to the Grey Havens and leaving Middle Earth with the other Ringbearers.

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