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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: The Prancing Pony

Prancing Pony

Prancing Pony:
- Appears in The Fellowship of the Ring

The Prancing Pony Inn is located in Bree. It is here that Frodo expects to meet up with Gandalf. However, Gandalf hasn't been there in some months. While deciding what to do, Pippin blows Frodo's cover by giving away his true name of Baggins and is not an Underhill. Frodo then draws more attention to himself by tripping and then slipping on the One Ring and disappearing.

When Frodo reappears, Strider hustles him upstairs and tells him that he knows he carries the Ring. Sam, Merry and Pippin burst in to rescue Frodo, but there is no need for fighting. Later that evening some of the Black Riders, the Nazgûl steal into the Prancing Pony and attempt to kill the Hobbits. Strider had already moved them to a different room and kept them safe. The next day Strider and the Hobbits leave and head for Rivendell.

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