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The Lord of the Rings Places: Middle Earth Travels of Frodo
In The Two Towers

Middle Earth locales visited by Frodo in The Two Towers in order of travel:

In the South:
- Emyn Muil
- Dead Marshes

- Black Gate

-:Northern Ithilien
- Ithilien Camp
-:Henneth Annûn
-:Forbidden Pool

- Osgiliath

-:Ephel Duath Hills

Frodo and Sam are making their way through Emyn Muil when they notice Gollum is following. They manage to catch him and tame him. He leads them through the Dead Marshes to the Black Gate of Mordor. Frodo wants to go in, but Gollum stops him and tells him that he knows another way into Mordor. He leads them down into Northern Ithilien where they are captured by Faramir near their Camp and taken to Henneth Annûn. Faramir then forces Frodo to bait Gollum into being captured by the Forbidden Pool. Faramir decides to take them to Osgiliath where Frodo almost gives the Ring to the Nazgûl. He then releases them back into Ithilien and Gollum leads them into the Ephel Duath Hills.

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