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The Lord of the Rings Insights: Deleted Scenes
The Two Towers: Special Edition

1. Elven Rope: A new scene that has Frodo and Sam climbing down a cliff using Sam's elven rope. Sam drops his box of Shire seasonings, but Frodo catches the box. It disheartens Frodo to be reminded of home. Sam wishes that he did not have to leave his rope behind and when he gives it a tug, the knot comes free and the rope drops to the ground.

2. The Taming of Sméagol: There are two additions to this scene. First, a short sequence where it is raining and the two Hobbits are waiting out the rain under their cloaks, while a hand is glimpsed in the rocks above. Second, after Gollum swears on the Precious to lead them to the Black Gate, he argues with himself.

3. The Uruk-hai: The Uruk-hai pull up to a stop and meet with some waiting Orcs led by Grishnįkh. There is a small argument about who orders who around, which establishes tensions between the Orcs and Uruk-hai. Pippin tries to talk to Merry who doesn't respond. Pippin asks for some help for Merry and some draught is cruelly poured down Merry's throat. Merry awakens and tells Pippin that he has been faking it. The scent of Men is picked up and they move out with additional shots showing the Orcs joining the Uruk-hai.

4. The Burning of Westfold: An additional scene shows Saruman on a scaffold surveying Isengard as he discusses the logistics of putting together his army with one of his Orcs. He suggests that they cut down trees from Fangorn Forest to use for additional fuel. A second scene has Saruman and a Wild-man in Orthanc's throne room. The Wild-man cuts his hand while pledging an oath of loyalty to Saruman.

5. Massacre at the Fords of Isen: A short scene that has Éomer and his patrol finding many Rohirrim dead at the Ford of Isen. They find King Théoden's son, Theodred wounded, but alive. They then ride out.

6. The Banishment of Éomer: After Gríma banishes Éomer, Éomer challenges Gríma's authority and Gríma produces a written proclamation signed by the King that morning, while Gríma's thugs beat down Éomer and then drag him away.

7. Night Camp at Fangorn: The confrontation between the Uruk-hai and Orcs has been lengthened and is easier to follow. The party is hungry and tired of eating bread. They want some meat and one of the orcs suggests the Hobbits. Uglúk says that Saruman wants them alive. Grishnákh asks why and is told that Saruman said that they have an elven weapon. Merry realizes that the Uruk-hai think they have the Ring. Meanwhile, the other Orc has snuck up behind the Hobbits. Uglúk spots him and put an end to the Orc.

8. The Passage of the Marshes: There is an additional scene showing Gollum leading Frodo and Sam out of Emyn Muil into the Dead Marshes. Another scene has Gollum lamenting about being hungry. He can't eat the Elven food that Frodo and Sam eat and instead settles for a worm. Sam shows his utter distrust of Gollum by saying that he doesn't care if Gollum starves.

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