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The Lord of the Rings Insights: Deleted Scenes
The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Edition

1. Prologue: Additional footage showing Isildur trying to escape from the Orc ambush at Gladden Fields near the River Anduin. He slips on the Ring and jumps into the river, but the Ring comes off his finger, revealing him to the Orc archers.

2. Concerning Hobbits: Sequence of scenes in which Bilbo narrates a description of Hobbits.

3. At the Green Dragon: Tavern scene with Merry and Pippin singing, while Frodo and Sam talk about news from outside The Shire with Gaffer Gamgee and Ted Sandyman.

4. The Passing of the Elves: As Frodo and Sam make their way across The Shire, one evening they see a number of elves making their way to the Grey Havens to depart from Middle Earth.

5. The Midgwater Marshes: An additional sequence in the travel through a mosquito-filled swamp between Bree and Weathertop.

6. The Sword That Was Broken: An additional bit of the scene between Aragorn and Boromir in which they speak before Boromir picks up the Shards of Narsil.

7. The Council of Elrond: An extension of the scene in which Gandalf utters the Black Speech and is rebuked by Elrond.

8. Gilraen's Memorial: A scene in which Aragorn visits his mother's grave in Rivendell. Elrond comes to him and gently encourages him to step up and fulfill his destiny. Elrond is much less harsh here and more of a father-figure to Aragorn than otherwise depicted.

9. The Departure of the Fellowship: A scene that shows the departure of the Fellowship from Rivendell after the Council of Elrond

10. Farewell to Lórien: This scene shows the gifts that Galadriel gives the Fellowship just before they depart from Lothlórien.

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