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The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Places: The Dead Marshes

Dead Marshes

Dead Marshes:
- Appears in The Two Towers
- Located northwest of Mordor

The Dead Marshes are on the edge of the Battle Plain of Dagorlad. It is a huge graveyard for Elves, Men and Orcs that fell in the final battle of the Second Age. The graveyard has bcome an ever growing marsh that is perilous because the lights that beckon from underwater.

One of those lights drew Frodo in. He nearly drown until Gollum dragged him out of the water. Later, while crossing the Dead Marshes, Frodo asked Gollum about his given name, Sméagol, which seemed to begin to soften Gollum. The quiet moment was broken when a Nazgûl flew overhead on a Winged Beast.

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