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The Lord of the Rings Insights: Deleted Scenes
The Two Towers: Special Edition

18. Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit: Additional footage is added following the capture of Frodo and Sam by Faramir. Sam claims they are travelers, to which Faramir responds that there are no travelers in Ithilien. Frodo then says that they are on errand of great purpose against the Enemy. Faramir replies by pointing out that the dead Haradrim, who had fallen from the Oliphaunt, probably had a deep sense of duty and purpose in his efforts.

19. Dwarf Women: The scene is extended with Théoden telling Aragorn that Eowyn has rarely laughed. He says that Eowyn's father died when she was a child and she came to stay with him. He expresses regret for not being more like a father to her.

20. One of the Dûnedain: In a new scene, Eowyn brings Aragorn some stew. He manages to choke down a bite in front of her. She starts to leave and then comes back. She says that Théoden told her that Aragorn had gone to battle with her grandfather Thengel. She guesses that he must be sixty. He tells her that he is eighty-six. She realizes that he must be one of the Dûnedain, who have the blood of the Númenor.

21. The Evenstar: After his conversation with Elrond, Aragorn tries to slip away but Arwen finds him. They speak in Elvish. She asks him why he was leaving without telling her. He replies that he is not coming back. She says that he will survive the battle. He says that that is not why he is coming back. She says that she does not believe him. The scene then continues with the uncut footage of him trying to giver her necklace back.

22. Helm's Deep: In an added sequence following her arrival at Helm's Deep, Eowyn looks over the food provisions and asks, "Where is the rest?" She is told that what she sses is all that could be saved. She orders it moved to the Glittering Caves.

23. The Window on the West: After Faramir tells Frodo and Sam that Boromir is dead, there is an added sequence in which Faramir wades into the river to find a boat bearing Boromir's body.

24. Sons of the Steward: New flashback sequence that is set in Osgiliath. Boromir makes a short speech following recapturing the city. Faramir warns him that their father is there. Denethor then appears and praises Boromir, who tries to credit Faramir as well. However, Denethor blames Faramir for the city's fall. Boromir follows his father and defends Faramir. Denethor says that he can only count on his oldest son to not fail him. He then tells Boromir that Elrond has called a meeting in Rivendell. Denethor knows that it is about the One Ring. He wants Boromir to go and make sure that the Ring comes to Gondor, because they need it most. Boromir then bids Faramir farewell as he leaves.

25. The Forbidden Pool: There is an added shot of Faramir holding the Horn of Boromir. There are also added shots of Faramir's Men roughly handling and even knocking around Gollum.

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