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The Lord of the Rings Insights: Deleted Scenes
The Two Towers: Special Edition

9. The White Rider: Additions are made to the conversation between Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas as they track the Hobbits in Fangorn Forest. Legolas tells them that the Elves started awakening the trees and teaching them to speak. Another addition is during Gandalf's to the three. He tells them that he "is Saruman, or least what he was meant to be." The last addition is during their walk out of Fangorn Forest. Gandalf tells them that Merry and Pippin's arrival in Fangorn has started bringing about the awakening of the Ents.

10. The Song of the Entwives: In an new scene, Treebeard is walking through Fangorn Forest "singing." He tells Merry and Pippin that the Ents are dwindling because they have lost the Entwives. The two Hobbits then fall asleep and he sets them down.

11. The Heir of Númenor: Aragorn and Gandalf talk. Gandalf tells Aragorn that Sauron fears him as the last heir of Númenor. He also says that Sauron does not imagine that Frodo and is bringing it to Mordor to destroy it.

12. Ent Draft: In a new scene, Merry awakens and notices that Pippin is taller.They then struggle over the mug of draft that Pippin has. They stumble into a tree which then starts to smother them. Treebeard comes along and orders the tree to free them. He tells them that the trees are awakening.

13. The King of the Golden Hall: This scene has one minor addition. After Aragorn stops King Théoden from killing Gríma, Aragorn offers his hand to Gríma who instead spits on it before scurrying away.

14. The Funeral of Théodred: A new scene shows the funeral of King Théoden's son, Théodred. He is born down to a tomb while Eowyn chants in the ancestral language of the Rohirrim.

15. Brego: In a new scene that follows Gandalf's departure from the stables of Edoras, Aragorn calms Brego by speaking in the Elven tongue. Eowyn expresses surprise that a Dúnedain Ranger from the North would speak Elvish. She also tells Aragorn that Brego had been Théodred's horse. He tells her that he had been raised in Rivendell for a time. He also tells the stablehands to free Brego because the horse had seen enough of war.

16. The Ring of Barahir: In a new scene, Gríma has arrived at Isengard and makes a report to Saruman. He tells Saruman that a Dwarf, an Elf and a Man came with Gandalf. He describes a ring that Aragorn wore. Saruman scoffs at "Gandalf the White" and then checks his books. He finds that the ring is the Ring of Barahir, which is supposed to be worn by the heir of Isildur. Saruman does not believe that Aragorn is the heir, but rather that the line died out long ago.

17. A Daughter of Kings: In an addition to this scene, King Théoden is readying to leave for Helm's Deep. He sends Hama to ready his horse. Hama is hanging his head as he walks out. Théoden tells him that "this is not a defeat. We will return."

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