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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Hero
Episode Number: 307
Written by: David Eick
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 11/17/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,421
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Caprica Six (Baltar's Six Reborn)
Recurring Characters That Appear: Helo, Dee, Gaeta, Tyrol, Kat, Threes, Fives, Sixes, Eights
Guest Characters: Lt. Daniel "Bulldog" Novacek, Admiral Corwin

Previously (Recap):
(Caption: In The Beginning)
Adama's speaks as the Cylon attack begins and then Adama declares war.

Adama tells Tigh to stay in his quarters until Tigh is ready to be a man. Tigh says Adama won't see him again.

Novacek breathes.

On Colonial One, Tory shows Roslin a painting of Baltar. It looks like they are doing some spring cleaning. Roslin suggests that they put it in the bathroom. Roslin finds her dossier from when she first arrived. In it there is a picture of Adama and Tigh on the Battlestar Valkyrie . She suggests celebrating his forty-fifth year in the Colonial fleet.

Helo sounds battle stations as Adama walks into Galactica CIC. Dee reports that there are three Raiders incoming.

Kat and Kara are on the CAP. They notice that two Raiders are firing on the third. They take out the two. The third Raider closes on Galactica.

Suddenly, everyone hears "Krypter, Krypter, Krypter, this is Bulldog." It is identified as coming from the Raider.

Adama orders everyone to hold their fire and get down to the hangar deck.

In the hangar deck everyone gathers around the Raider. A human climbs out. Adama walks over to him. The man salutes and Adama returns it. The man wants to know if it's him. Adama acknowledges him and welcomes home Bulldog.

Act 1:
Adama's Flashback #1:
Admiral Corwin says that they may never have the opportunity again. He says that he'll deny that the conversation ever took place. Adama accepts the mission on the condition that he gets to pick the pilot for the stealth ship. Corwin wants to know who.

In sickbay, Novacek listens as Cottle reports that his DNA checks out against military records.

Adama tells Roslin that Novacek is his man that disappeared three years ago.

Cottle tells Adama that Novacek is in good physical health.

In Adama's quarters, Novacek finishes off a meal. Adama wants to know how he escaped. After a smart remark about not liking the accommodations, he explains that he noticed the Cylons were getting sick and that he wasn't. He waited.

Novecek's Flashback #1:
Novacek does push-ups in his cell on the Cylon ship. A sick Three walks around until she gets too close and he attacks her and kills her.

In his quarters, Adama and Novacek explain to Roslin and Tory that a year before the Cylon attack, they were on a black ops mission. They were doing recon on a mining operation that was too close to Cylon space.

Adama's Flashback #2:
Adama listens in Valkyrie's CIC as Novacek reports that he was hit and calling mayday.

Adama and Novacek claim that miners shot down Novacek, but Novacek didn't make it back to the battlestar. Adama says that he made a bad call. Roslin points out that Novacek somehow survived to be picked up by the Cylons. Roslin asks that Tory and Novacek leave. She then asks Adama what really happened. He says she'll have to trust him. She leaves. He knocks something over.

Caprica Three's Dream:
Three tries to sneak around the Galactica. Marines spot her and corner her at the End of Line. She asks why and is shot.

Caprica Three wakes up in a bed. Baltar and his Six are still asleep. Three gets up and walks off.

Adama goes to see Tigh in his quarters. He tells Tigh that Novacek is alive. Tigh wants to know why Adama is there and then he realizes why. Adama gets mad and leaves.

Act 2:
Tigh looks at his gun in his quarters as memories of Ellen flood over him. Someone starts pounding on the door. Tigh tells them to go away, but the knocking keeps up. He opens the door to find Novacek. They are happy to see each other. Tigh offers Novacek a drink and Novacek joins him in his quarters.

In Adama's quarters on Galactica, Lee walks in. Adama tells him that they need to talk.

Novacek asks why Tigh and Adama ended up on Galactica. Tigh says that Galactica was Adama's graceful retirement after blowing the black ops mission. Tigh realizes that Novacek doesn't know what happened.

Adama tells Lee that he shot Novacek down to avoid detection. The mission was to ascertain the likelihood of a Cylon attack. That revelation sinks in to Lee and he points out that they thought the Cylons were out there. Adama says that some thought that the Cylons were off building a war machine. Adama says that the admiralty felt Adar's administration was complacent, so they wanted a recon mission.

Adama's Flashback #3:
Novacek has flown the stealth ship across the armistice line. A ship jumps in and damages Novacek's ship.

Adama's Flashback #3 Con't :
In Valkyrie's CIC, Adama reaches for the wireless as Novacek pleads for rescue. Tigh tries to talk him out of it, but two more ships show up. Adama launches a ship to ship missile to destroy Novacek's ship and destroy the evidence of the armistice breach.

Novacek's Flashback #2:
Novacek sees the incoming missile and ejects just in time.

In Tigh's quarters, Novacek can't believe that Adama shot him down. Tigh tells him to face the truth.

In his quarters, Adama tells Lee that he started it all and that he started the war. Lee says that he's just one man and that the whole military bears responsibility. Adama doesn't seem consolable and says that it only takes one man.

Act 3:
On the basestar, Baltar's Six asks Caprica Three if she's had more nightmares. She wants to know if it is about Baltar. CAprica Three says that she thinks its from God.

Caprica Three orders a Centurion to kill her. She has a puzzling series of visions. She wakes up in the rebirth chamber.

In the pilot's ready room, Kara notices that the Cylon Raiders deliberately missed Novacek.

Novacek does push-ups.

In his quarters, Adama gets a call from Novacek. Adama says that he's on his way.

Kara explains to Tigh that the Raiders could have taken him out. Tigh is skeptical. Kara wants to know how he escaped. Tigh claimed it was the virus. Kara wonders how many viruses they have. She realizes that it's all too convenient.

Adama enters the quarters and Novacek attacks him. He wants to know why Adama did it. He lets it drop that the Cylons left his cell door open. Adama realizes that they let him escape. Tigh, wearing his uniform, comes in and stops Novacek. He says that they are all soldiers and they shot him down in order to protect the mission. He tells Novacek that he needs to figure out why the Cylons let him go and face the truth that the Cylons wanted him to get away. He had just about killed Adama, which is what the Cylons wanted. Tigh tells Novacek not to move. He goes over and checks on Adama. He gives him the pistol and they talk about dignity and facing things. Adama wants to know how he put the bottle away. Tigh says that he just decided to leave his room.

Act 4:
On Colonial One, Adama hands Roslin his resignation. Roslin is stunned. Adama says that they can't hide from things and he can't think of any other way. Roslin tells him to sit. She says that he never thought that the admiralty might have set him up to cause the war that they wanted. She says that they know why the Cylons attacked and it wasn't any one thing. She shows him the invitation to her ceremony for presenting a medal. She says that he can stand up and get a medal. He doesn't want to and she says that he'll do it as his penance. She says that the ceremony is for "them" and not him.

On the hangar deck, Roslin gives Adama his medal. He accepts applause.

Lee can be seen with a thoughtful look on his face compared to all the other excited expressions.

On the hangar deck, Cottle tells Novacek to contact the ship's doctor once he arrives. Adama stops Novacek before he leaves. He gives Novacek his uniform and says, "once a pilot, always a pilot." Novacek accepts it and boards the Raptor.

Tigh enters Adama's quarters. Adama wants him back in CIC. Tigh turns it down. Adama asks about what happened to Ellen. Tigh says that he can use a drink. They sit down.

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