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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Torn
Episode Number: 305
Written by: Anne Cofell Saunders
Directed by: Jean de Segoznac
Original Air Date: 11/3/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,422
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Number Six (Baltar's Six Reborn), Sharon "Athena" Agathon
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Threes, Fives, Sixes, Eights, Leobens, Simons, Racetrack, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Kat, Hot Dog, Kacey, Gaeta

Previously (Recap):
Helo's Sharon is sworn in by Adama as an officer.

Sharon meets with the Resistance on New Caprica..

Tigh rants about taking on the Cylons.

Adama gives his liberation speech to Galactica 's crew.

Baltar is offered a place on the Cylon basestar.

Kacey's mother claims her from a stunned Kara.

Tigh says that Ellen collaboratored and died.

Baltar and Caprica Three talk.

Baltar and his Inner Six talk in a beach front setting. She tells him that he should learn everything that he can about the Cylons. She says that Cylon psychology is based on projection. She says that's how they see the world, while he chooses to see her. He wants to know if she is a connection to the Six he knew on Caprica or is a damaged part of his mind. She answers that she is an angel sent from God.

Baltar wakes up on the Cylon ship.

Caprica Three and Baltar share small talk in his cell.

Baltar's Six comes in and asks her something. She says that she hasn't asks yet. She then asks if he knows where Earth is. He says he doesn't and they are disappointed. Caprica Three says that they had hoped that would be a reason to keep him. He then covers himself by claiming he spent hours studying the map seen on Kobol. They says they'll think about it and starts to leave. He asks why they want to know about Earth. Caprica Three says that they have decided that it will be their new home.

Act 1:
Vipers engage in a training mission.

Apollo leads the Blue team, which includes Starbuck.

Kat leads Blue team, which includes Hot Dog.

Starbuck takes out Hot Dog.

Apollo goes after Kat.

Starbuck joins in, gets too close and they collide.

On the hangar deck, Tyrol and Cally inspect the damanged Viper and find it has no fuel.

As they walk away from their Vipers, Hot Dog comments to Kat about Kara landing the Viper without fuel.

Apollo walks up to Starbuck, who is sitting near her Viper. He grounds Starbuck from flying.

In his quarters on Galactica, Tigh drinks. He thinks he hears Ellen and walks out of his quarters.

Tigh wanders the corridors until he spots a blonde. He thinks it's Ellen, but it turns out to be another man.

Apollo and Helo talk in the rec room. Apollo has dropped his fat. He tells Helo to never let him do that again. Helo, calling him Skinny, agrees.

Kara walks along a corridor when Kacey comes running up. Kacey wants a hug. Kacey's mother says that she's been trying to reach Kara. Kara tells her that she doesn't need a two year old friend. She picks Kacey up and puts her in her mother's arms. She walks off. Kacey's mother makes a crack about keeping her up.

Gaeta briefs Roslin and Adama on Baltar's reach into finding Earth. He says that the Pythia scroll indicated a lion's head with a pulsating red and blue eye has a clue to Earth.

On the basestar, Baltar and his Six walk and talk. She says that they have sent out a Cylon to look for the lion's head.

Baltar and Six walk through a room where a naked Eight is mediating.

Six tells him that they use projection and suddenly they stand in a lush forest. She explains that she chooses to see the beauty of God's creation rather than blank walls. A Five walks through her projection.

Back in his beach vision, Baltar tells his Inner Six that he understands projection. Then he wonders how he has such a vivid imagination himself. Inner Six's response leads Baltar to raise the question if he's a Cylon.

Six has heard his outburst. He covers by saying that he was talking to himself.

Act 2:
In the pilots' lounge on Galactica, Racetrack offers to be Sharon 's second because she wants an opportunity to fly. When she calls Sharon 'Boomer', Sharon says that wasn't her. Helo calls out that they need a call sign for her. They settle on Hot Dog's suggestion that it be Athena.

Tigh walks in and sits with Kara. They start talking and it ends up in Kara and Tigh commenting about their trials on New Caprica, while Kat, Helo and Sharon had it easy in the fleet.

On the basestar, Six and Baltar talk. She says that his information and rescuing Hera have gone a long way. He asks about the remaining five models, which he hasn't seen even on the basestar. She says that she can't discuss them. She is suddenly called to the "bridge."

On the "bridge," Baltar witnesses a discussion between six of the models (Three, Five, Six, Eight, Simon and Leoben). The basestar sent to a nebula to investigate Baltar's clue has been infected. They debate what to do without getting any other Cylon infected, which is difficult since they are all from the same gene pool.

Baltar's Inner Six tells him to offer to go. He doesn't like the idea of putting his neck on the line. She says that he has nothing to worry about since he's human. And if he's not, it'll be over quick then. She says the Cylons have to see that he can be counted on when the going gets tough.

Baltar tells the Cylons that he'll go. They say they still need a way of landing. He says they must have some Colonial vessels. The Eight says that they can put a Raptor on autopilot.

Act 3:
In Galactica 's pilot's lounge, the pilots all continue to drink. Hot Dog offers a toast to always having someone watch your back. Tigh counters that. Kat says she's tired of the us versus them mentality. He and Starbuck say that they saw things down on the planet. Tigh comments about Kara being grounded and Helo (a Cylon lover) holds his post as XO.

In Adama's quarters on Galactica, Helo reports that Sharon and Racetrack are ready for the recon. Adama refers to her as Athena. He also notes the morale problem on the flight deck. Helo doesn't think either Tigh or Starbuck care about morale.

Baltar and his Six observer the basestar's hybrid. She says that some Cylons think that their conscious mind has gone mad as they control the basestar. However, the Leobens believe that everything they sar is important. The hybrid stops.

The basestar jumps.

The Raptor flies over to the infected basestar.

Baltar looks nervous.

Baltar enters the infected basestar and finds dead and dying Cylons everywhere.

Baltar comes across a probe, which he recognizes as man-made. As he inspects it, a Six grabs him. He checks her. She wants him to kill her. He tells her that there will be no rebirth. She says she watched them all die. He takes a blood sample. He asks about the probe. She says that it's a beacon left by the 13 th tribe. She accuses him of sending them into a trap and wanting to kill them all. He gets hysterical and ends up choking the remaining life out of her. Just then, the Cylons radio him. He responds. They asks if he found anything. He says he found nothing of consequence.

Act 4:
On the basestar "bridge," the Cylons argue. The Five accuses Baltar. Baltar says he's innocent. The Cylons argue until Caprica Three ends it with a decision that they have to jump and leave them to their fate. The hybrid objects, but they jump anyway. Baltar is asked if he noticed anything. As his Six notices the probe from footage of the ship. Baltar says that he didn't and Six seems to know, but says nothing.

Adama finds Kara and Tigh alone in the pilot's lounge. He wants Kara's sidearm. He puts it on the table. He tells them to pick up the gun and shoot him. Neither does. He then rips Kara. He says that she's no longer like a daughter to him. She mouths off and he kicks her and her chair over. He tells her to either be a human again or get off his ship. Kara leaves. He then talks to Tigh. He says that he knows it has something to do with Ellen's death. Adama says that he doesn't seem the man that he's known for thirty years. Tigh picks up the gun, unloads it and tells Adama that that man doesn't exist anymore.

Kara goes into the washroom and pulls out a knife. Everyone backs off. Kara finally begins to cut her hair.

Tigh drinks in his room.

Kara goes down to the hanger deck.

Tigh drinks some more.

Kara finds Kacey and her mother. Kacey hands her her stuffed animal and then they hug.

Racetrack and Sharon jump in to find the pulsar in the lion's head nebula. Their excitement is broken when they find the Raiders and the basestar. Racetrack immediately panics and starts to get ready for jump. Sharon quotes something about when God's anger is awaken, even the mighty fall.

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