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Season 3 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Collaborators
Episode Number: 304
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: Michael Rymer
Original Air Date: 10/27/06 on SciFi Channel
Survivors: 41,435
Main Characters That Appear: Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh, President Roslin, Major Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Gaius Baltar, Number Six (Baltar's Six Reborn)
Recurring Characters That Appear: Caprica Three, Helo, Tyrol, Cally, Anders, Jammer, Tom Zarek, Seelix, Gaeta, Tory, Connor

Previously (Recap):
Leoben and Kara kiss. She kills him. He says that he'll be back.

Jammer and Tyrol talk.

Tyrol doesn't know who the source is.

Gaeta confronts Baltar.

Gaeta checks the trucks.

Cally is told to run by Jammer.

Anders says that Tigh has to do something about Ellen.

Tigh poisons Ellen.

The New Capricans are liberated.

Jammer is brought down a Viper launch bay by Tigh, Anders, Tyrol , Seelix and Connor. He is accused of aiding in the murder of twenty-three people in the temple bombing. Jammer denies it. He says that he helped people. That doesn't sway them. Jammer pleads to Tyrol that he helped Cally get away. Tyrol admits that Cally did get away. Connor counters that his son was killed in the bombing. Tigh asks if Jammer saving one counters killing twenty-three people. Tyrol asks Jammer if he killed them. Jammer says that they thought they were insurgents and didn't realize it until after they saw the bodies. Tyrol decides that it wasn't worth it. Seelix passes sentences on the third day of the Second Exodus. They leave Jammer alone in the airlock. He screams that he's sorry.

They watch him for a moment plead for his life and then Connor hits the button.

The airlock opens and Jammer is sucked down the Viper tube out into space.

Anders says that he didn't sign up for that and leaves.

Tyrol goes to see Cally and Nicolas in the temporary shelter. Tyrol asks Cally about how she got away and if she had help. At first, Cally says that she didn't and then she remembers that someone told her to run. She asks Tyrol how he knew and why he asked. He says nothing.

Act 1:
Baltar's Dream:
On Colonial One, Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh say that Baltar had no choice. Roslin agrees with him. Baltar says that the past is the past and time to start anew. Baltar's Inner Six walks and says that they are being too lenient. Baltar doesn't think that they can hear her, but then Adama agrees with her about not making her mad. Baltar starts to lose reality. Roslin walks over, takes his glasses off and says that she's always wanted him. He realizes that he's dreaming and Roslin affirms it

Baltar wakes up in a room surrounded by pulsating lights. He walks around and puts on a robe.

A Cylon Centurion stands guard over Baltar.

Five basestars and a Resurrection Ship fly through space.

Anders wakes up and finds Kara already awake in a cramped sleeping room. He asks if she's alright. She's going through old stuff. He tries to "love" on her, but she's distant.

On Colonial One, Roslin and Zarek talk. The Quorum of Twelve will soon be sworn in. Zarek agrees that he will then resign so that she can assume the presidency, because he doesn't have Adama's support. She offers him the Vice Presidency because he stood up to Baltar.

Gaeta walks into Galactica CIC. Tigh wants to know why he's there. Helo says that Gaeta is there because Adama needs help with repairs to communications. Tigh starts ranting about Gaeta being a traitor. Adama interrupts. Tigh and Adama have a terse conversation in which Tigh takes a shot at Helo acting as XO.

The Circle judge the guilt of another collaborator. He's on another ship, so he'll be "taken care of" by their people there. They have fifty-seven more to go. Connor makes a smart remark that Tigh responds to by slamming his head into the table because he wants Connor to take the "process" seriously. Seelix moves to the next collaborator: Gaeta .

Act 2:
The Circle discusses Gaeta 's fate. Tigh says he doesn't like it because he served with him for four years, but he wants Gaeta found guilty for being Baltar's aide. Anders and Tyrol say that there is no proof. Tigh claims that Gaeta was the real brains. Tyrol still disagrees and then Tigh points out a death list with Cally and Gaeta 's names on it. They call a vote. Four vote for, but Anders quits. They argue about needing a sixth vote because they are a jury. Conner doesn't care, but the rest do.

Caprica Three visits Baltar. She gives him a bottle of pills. She sits on his bed and he stands up. He says he's confused. Caprica Three explains that he's been there for three days. He wants to know why he's just remembering. She says that there is some controversy about him being on the basestar because he's human. She says that three models are in favor and three are against. The Sixes are undecided.

Lee reports to Admiral Adama that thirteen people (2 on Galactica including Jammer) have gone missing since leaving New Caprica. He then says that he has to go get some exercise.

Gaeta eats alone until Kara joins him. He asks how she's doing. She makes a comment about his cushy job on Colonial One. He says that he was serving the elected president. He also tells her that he fed the resistance information. People have started to clear out of the room during the conversation. When Kara doesn't respond positively, Gaeta gets up and leaves. Seelix is then seen to have been sitting at the next table, watching

Act 3:
On the basestar, Baltar wakes up to find his Six standing over him. She says that she has to let her feelings for him go. She says that she turned against a sister Cylon (Caprica Three) and tried to work with humanity. He says that she is more than just a Cylon. She says that it has to end and leaves. He calls after her that she needs him and he needs her.

The Circle explains to Kara that they are a jury. Kara doesn't think it's legal, but they hand over some document from the Office of the President. She says she's in. They show her the evidence about Gaeta . She gives her vote as guilty. It's down to Tyrol . Just then, Anders interrupts and wants to talk to Kara.

Outside, Anders says that he quit because he didn't want to keep killing. Kara wants to hold someone responsible. She says he can get with it or get lost. He asks if that's what she wants.

Inside, Tigh says that Tyrol can't do it because Gaeta was so nice. He then admits that Ellen collaborated and died because of it.

Outside, Kara tells Anders that she's in a different place and just wants to hurt someone. He should leave before she turns on him.

Inside, The Circle wears Tyrol down until he gives a guilty verdict.

Outside, Anders gives Kara her dogtags back and says that he doesn't want them anymore. He starts to leave and Kara grabs him. They kiss and then she goes back insde.

In a corridor, Gaeta is jumped by The Circle. Bag is placed over his head.

In an empty corridor, the bag is taken off of Gaeta 's head and Seelix pronounces that he has been found guilty by a legal juror operating under edict of the Office of the President.

Act 4:
Seelix says that this is the time for Gaeta to speak up in his defense. He says that he's already stated his case as he looks at Kara. He says that he won't beg. Kara wants him to beg about his helping the resistance. Tyrol hears her and steps in. He asks Gaeta and Gaeta says that there was a yellow dog bowl. Tyrol confirms it. He says that Gaeta was their contact. Gaeta says that he did what he could and leaves. The Circle is stunned.

Adama and Roslin confront Zarek about his executive order about the secret jury. He says that they are getting a trial, but not one in front of the press. Roslin disagrees. He points out that those trials will consume the fleet. She has no response as Tory and Adama listen.

Roslin is sworn in as president.

Kara and Tigh unpack.

Roslin issues a pardon to collaborators.

Baltar's Six leaves clothes for him.

Gaeta returns to his locker and takes out his uniform.

Roslin admits that it won't be popular, but it has to be done. She ends her speech and Adama is the first to stand and clap.

Gaeta eats alone. Tyrol sees that Gaeta is being ignored and avoided. He sits with Gaeta , takes a breath and starts eating.

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